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Infinite Translation
Impulsive Attack
July 2010
Released: 2010, EmanesMETAL Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Infinite Translation, this young band from Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France, seems to be relatively keen on playing thrash – and more precisely that 80´s form of thrash that so many youngsters want to play these days. I cannot complain myself really.

Formed in 2005, these four young French neck-stretching thrash maniacs have obviously been spending quite a few hours with their personal record collections when it comes to old-school thrash. The songs on the band´s debut album, IMPULSIVE ATTACK, are all about Kreator´s ENDLESS PAIN, Sacrifice´s TORMENT IN FIRE, Destruction´s INFERNAL OVERKILL, Slayer´s SHOW NO MERCY, etc. records; about those classic thrash records that were recorded back in the 80´s – and that became sort of influential cornerstones of the whole thrash genre since then for a new generation of metal heads.

The bottomline is, IMPULSIVE ATTACK is lotsa fun to listen to; it follows the same recipe of some old vintage 80´s thrash records very accurately, and that´s enough to do the trick. It´s all about violent riffs, rebellious and spitting vocals, explosive lead attacks, rivet belts, denim, leather, sweat, feeling of togetherness and attitude - the old-school way.

Then again, if this album had come out during the heydays of thrash, then it would most likely have been one of the genre defying albums. Now the only thing that it does to a casual listener, is to bring his/her mind back to those golden days of the genre, and make all of us miss those jolly good times.
Track Listing

01. Escaped (Intro)
02. The Past Never Dies
03. Legion of Death
04. Translator
05. Impulsive Attack
06. Dead by Dawn
07. Zombie Squad
08. Fear the Face of Death


Max Maniac - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Guillautine - Rhythm guitar and backing vocals
Jon Whiplash - Bass and backing vocals
Fish Killer - Drums

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