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Chainsaw’s Law
January 2009
Released: 2008, Locomotive Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Infernoise started out five years ago in Spain with members from underground acts like Sway and Angeles Del Infierno. They soon got an established fanbase and the band grew bigger and bigger. During 2003 the band recorded a three-track maxi single with one of the best producers in Spain. The demo was titled HELLRIDER and after heavy touring together with Type O Negative it was time for the band to come over to the USA and perform as well as release a debut album.

Brutal, extreme and mean thrash metal is the music Infernoise deliver. The music has influences of Southern Rock and it also has a melodic touch. Aggressive guitar riffs are in the centre of the production and it pulverizes everything that comes in its way. Music wise Infernoise has huge similarities with the legendary act Pantera. At first it sounded so much like Pantera that I thought I had put the wrong CD in the stereo and singer Houland sounds an awful lot like Anselmo. Infernoise has also managed to get the “Dimebag” sound on the guitars so I love the angry guitar riffs.

Three of the nine tracks are taken from the EP HELLRIDER and the album clocks in on 40 minutes which feels decent. The material is of a pretty high class but I can’t shake off the feeling that this reminds me a little too much of Pantera. Infernoise has lost a little of their identity and they feel partially like a tribute band instead of a band of their own. Infernoise have to find their own corner of the genre. Otherwise, they can’t expect being taken seriously. Even the production feels like a Pantera production with razor sharp guitar riffs and massive black wall of drums and bass coming at you. Killer tracks are “Hellrider”, “The Chainsaws Law”, “Rebel on the Way”, “I’m The Motor” and “All My Rage”. The band needs to write more exclusive material if they want to go somewhere in the future. Today they are just a substitute for Pantera.
Track Listing

The Chainsaws Law
Alive Or Dead
Rebel On The Way
I’m The Motor
All My Rage
Helltrain Co


Rown Houland – lead vocals
IX Valeri – guitar
Scorpion – bass
J The Kid – drums

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