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Black Devotion
October 2009
Released: 2009, Agonia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

´Intolerant, anti-human black metal´ out from the deepest and darkest forests of Czech Republic. That is how it is described this Czech black metal legion called Inferno to represent both music- and lyric-wise.

Knowing myself not much about intolerance or anti-humanist sentiments, I can only say, to me Inferno´s latest whirlwind of chaos of darkness, titled BLACK DEVOTION, could at least musically be like a cross between Impaled Nazarene´s UGRA KARMA album, added with something from the Swedish, Christ-nailing troops Dark Funeral. Talk about a pretty intense and furious package here.

BLACK DEVOTION is a really enjoyable black metal release from these 5 Czech guys who have devoted their life to all things black. The songs tend to flow very effortlessly and smoothly forward - having lots of variation, tempo changes, gloomy atmospheres, anus-tight riffs, some acoustic interludes, pretty lengthy songs, a good production, etc. The band´s nails are targeted really to the right spots in Christ´s desecrated and dismembered body on BLACK DEVOTION, and it´s already definite that many people who have also sworn to all things black, will probably sink their hungry teeth into this release. In fact, this album reeks of many mandatory things that every black metal release should have – music-wise at least.

There´s not much else that could be said about BLACK DEVOTION really. The fans of bands like Imp Naz and Dark Funeral especially – take note this band and album!
Track Listing

01. Prolog
02. Superior Will
03. Whisper of Hope in Bloody Tears
04. Holy Poison
05. Eaten by Rats Forever
06. Loyality of Honour (instrumental)
07. Altar of Perversion
08. Message to Ages
09. Sign of Hell
10. Way to Illumination Lies in Darkness
11. Epilog


Adramelech - Throat of Hell
Azazel - Stringdestroyer
Ska-Gul - Frozenstrings
Pentaroth - Bassmassacre
Sarapis - Warhammer

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