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Genesis To Nemesis
December 2010
Released: 2010, Prosthetic
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m seriously impressed with this. I missed the band the first time around as GENESIS TO NEMESIS is the bands second album. I was going in blind, I hadn’t read anything on the band. Sometimes as a reviewer that is a good position to be in, namely starting with no pre-conceived notions. Again I’m thoroughly impressed.

The album starts with a long-ish instrumental intro with piano, keyboards and some really nice atmosphere. It was something you might hear on a King Diamond album or even later-era Savatage in their heavier moments. The other ten tracks are a really excellent blend of Death, Thrash, hints of Black and atmospheric keyboard work. I can hear hints of Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth but these guys are waaay heavier and far more straight-ahead. It’s just that the moody and well layered keyboards add some excellent touches.

The album just kept getting better and better and then, suddenly Track 5, a Metallica cover! Not the most original choice of band to cover, but in hindsight covering ‘Creeping Death’ in 2010 is not a bad move considering Metallica’s status and relationship to metal these days. I’m listening to the song and there is another… voice it’s so distinct…it has to be him…and yes, It’s Oderus from GWAR on guest vocals. It’s a killer version of the song and I’ve heard a few over the years.

So by now, I’m fully intrigued and I started reading up on the band, the basic facts, second album, from Florida, lots of guest stars, lots of veteran metal dudes in the band…yeah it all makes sense. These guys are already a powerhouse in my mind. Infernaeon have it all, good label, good metal credentials, some cool friends along for the ride….and most importantly the songs.

Even without all the aforementioned strengths and advantages, GENESIS TO NEMESIS is an extremely strong album. Dynamic, well constructed songs kept me engaged but the band never left behind the kill factor, for example on tracks like ‘Scars of David’. It’s starts with some acoustic guitar and some effects and then takes off to the races winding through a couple of paces and tempos without being jarring…then the keyboards sneak in, vocals changing up between a Death and Black style…overall a great song.

Infernaeon caught me off guard and now I’m fully converted and need to hear the debut album. From GENESIS TO NEMESIS has a bit of something for all adventurous fans of the heavier sub-genres of metal. Consider picking this one up and don’t let it pass you by when you are thinking of your Top albums lists for 2010.
Track Listing

1. Into the N.O.X.
2. First of the Fallen
3. Lilith Ave. Satanas
4. Legacy of Kane
5. Ziasudra
6. Creeping Death
7. The Scar of David
8. Immaculate Deception
9. Graven Image
10. Revelations


Brian Werner - Vocals
Dave Stein - Keyboards
Taylor Nordberg - Guitar
Steven Harger - Guitar
Kevin Gibbons-Bass
Dave Stein - Keyboards
Adam Sagan - Drums

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