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Infera Bruo
In Conjuration
July 2015
Released: 2015, Bindrune Recordings
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Progressive black metal is a subgenre I’ve been aware of for most of my time in the black metal scene, but can’t say I’ve heard that many releases which epitomise it so well. And I am now pleased to say that I have come across such a release and have more reason to regard the USA as the homeland for the best in black metal today. Boston outfit Infera Bruo have returned with their second studio album: IN CONJURATION which sets up all the right things you need to know about the world of progressive black.

We begin the album with ‘Astrogenesis’ which strangely got me thinking of Space Rock and acts like Hawkwind and Alcest but the band came across as early Cradle of Filth with the samplings of a film score that included people wailing in terror to personify the inner turmoil that makes up the themes of this record. ‘Formless’ and ‘Send my Ashes North’ make full use of the low fidelity of black metal but send you on a flowing river of sound that makes the guitars and drums grind into your ears and make you feel drunk on sounds that will remain in your head for many an hour. This is an album you won’t forget in a hurry.

This is a record which can be best described as what Abigail Williams would sound like, had they ditched all their symphonics and created black metal with complex timing and tempos and kept the clean vocals of their metalcore origins in all the right places. This album has many clean backing vocals that would sound at home on a Killswitch Engage record so it’ll be pleasing for a kid who is into metalcore but wants to break into the world of progressive extreme metal. Imagine Abigail Williams in the same room as Beherit with Killswitch’s vocalists doing the backing.

One very pleasing and quite mesmerising record which made me want to listen to it again and again. Progressive metal is something I don’t always find appealing, but if you find a band that makes it sound good to you, then this is a record to look out for. Progressive black metal at its finest.

Review by Demitri Levantis
Track Listing

1. Astrogenesis
2. Formless
3. Send my Ashes North
4. Proclamation Part 1 – Vessel of the Void
5. Proclamation Part 2 – The Silence Enfleshed
6. Proclamation Part 3 – In Conjuration
7. The Two of Seven


Ardroth – Drums, Vocals
Galen – Guitars, Vocals
Germanicus – Synths, Effects
Neutrino – Bass, Vocals

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