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Sede Vacante Aeternum
March 2011
Released: 2010, Metal SWamp
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

At times the lines between some of the more extreme metal sub-genres can get blurred. Accomplished listeners of extreme metal can distinguish the differences quite easily, moreso than casual fans, however bands like Infer make it increasingly difficult to define a band. Musical definitions are not always critical but are a useful stepping-stone.

The Slovakian quartet, Infer, do make it difficult to easily pigeonhole their sound because they effectively blend Death, Thrash and Black all into what I consider a fairly unique style. Even before listening to the album a glance at the booklet shows a guy in an old-school death Metal shirt (Asphyx), a guy in an old-school thrash Metal shirt (Sodom) and two guys in an old school Black Metal shirt (Marduk & Bathory). At times these genres have existed separately and certain ‘scenes’ and fans have had difficulty intermingling. I’m not suggesting that Infer are the first to mix these styles but they have presented a very decent album. Back to the booklet, it’s a nice dark package, lyrics, photos and lots of stylized religious imagery. Speaking of lyrics the band labels themselves ‘anti-human’ and you can tell just by the song-titles they aren’t fans of organized religion!

Musically, the band offers a nice blend of the three styles. There are some Death Metal grooves, some fast tremolo picking stuff, solo more melodic soloing at points, it’s an odd blend that works well. The songs are most fast but the Death Metal riffing comes through on the slower parts. Top it off with some fairly harsh vocals and you have a winning combination, taking the best elements of many forms. The band cap it all off with a decent Burzum cover as well. SEDE VACANTE AETERNUM, the band’s third effort is an inspired effort.
Track Listing

1. The Day After The Fall
2. Abort The Holy
3. Salvation
4. Sede Vacante Aeternum
5. Behind Sacred Walls
6. The One Who Believes In Nothingness
7. Recollection VII
8. Disease Man
9. Destriying Your Desires
10. Der Tod Wuotan


Peter -Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Marcel - Guitar
Richard - Bass
Robert - Drums

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