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Infected Dead
Archaic Malevolence
January 2018
Released: 2017, Hostile Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Hailing from Kent in the UK, Infected Dead bring us an album of absolute punishing power. Leaning more towards the Tech Death field, this little gem will flatten your tires, kill your cat and make your neighbours wish they had never been born.

Punishing is an apt word for this one, the sheer musical velocity created by the above mentioned musical tyrants just keeps on punching you around the old scone with a brass knuckle that is painted black, and probably has rust on it. The rust will give you tetanus, which by all definitions is an infection from which you will no doubt die. Infected Dead indeed.

Don’t let the intro “Book Of Dead Names” make you think a certain member of a certain band, let’s just call him Danny to preserve his anonymity, is about to leap out of the speakers at you. Title track “Archaic Malevolence” will slap that thought right out of your filthy little mind in no uncertain terms. The rest follow suit, changing pace as they please but never letting you forget who is both fucking boss and overlord in equal terms.

The technical ability of these guys is simply astounding. Pummeling is probably the best word to describe their technique. They literally pummel the shit out out of their respective instruments, and you the listener by default. For a debut album this shows the rest of the world precisely where Infected Dead are headed, that being for great things.

Middle track “Invocation Of Unspeakable Gods” is a standout for mine in an album that there are no duds on. It brings to mind some of Morbid Angels earliest work, with the main exception being the vocals. Ranging from your standard Death stuff to Ghoulish screaming and even some spoken word type of thing, they manage to invoke images of hellish torture and foul old gods venting their frustration upon the very world they wish to destroy.

Closer "Samsara" is about as good as you are going to get anywhere, and I don't think the words 'A blistering performance' would be too far off the mark on this one. Great stuff, If I were you I’d go buy it right now, but then again if I were you I would be wearing your clothes and touching all your shit and doing other horrid unspeakable things that would annoy you no doubt. Just get on it okay. Brutal brilliance, and to throw in the customary dad joke - quite infectious…...ha-ha.

Review by Andrew Cook.
Track Listing

1. Book Of Dead Names
2. Archaic Malevolence
3. Resurrectionist
4. Invocation Of Unspeakable Gods
5. Forced Existence
6. Samsara


Lou - Vocals
Alex - Guitar
Chris - Guitar
Nathan - Bass
Martin - Drums

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