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Infantry vs Pyrotoxic
Thrash Clash Volume.4
April 2009
Released: 2008, Stormspell Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

First off, I think this whole ´Thrash Clash´ thing from Stormspell Records is a great idea in many ways, where two upcoming thrash metal bands with potential are introduced at the same time to a wider audience. Bands get more publicity and get known that way among a greater number of thrash metal appreciating people. Also, I´m sure this split-CD thing is also a good indicator for the label to find out whether people really are into all these bands that are getting released under these series. There´s this thing called feedback, you know, which is surely something that the label doesn´t ignore completely when collecting people´s opinions about all these releases and bands.

The latest THRASH CLASH VOLUME 4 series introduces again two ripping and adrenaline-rush thrash acts - one from California, USA (Infantry) and the other one from Lappeenranta, Finland (Pyrotoxic). Never heard of any of these two bands before, so it´s time to make a change to that.

Cali-thrashers Infantry kicks in 6 songs that all represent – how surprising - old school thrash that hardly begs for mercy. It´s aggressive to-the-bone, straightforward and pretty well executed, making their stuff surely enjoyable for many of us old school thrash fans that have always appreciated a straighter road in reaching audible enjoyment. The guys in Infantry look young, and their young age actually shines through their songs as sort of an extra enthusiasm. Good and friendly violent fun into vein of Exodus, Vio-lence, Kreator and some other thrash bands, with snarly, almost black metal type of vocals. Digging this stuff.

3 out of 5

Finland´s Pyrotoxic has a female named Liisa handling venom spitting in the band, which isn´t anything new, or unusual any more as far as women fronting more extreme sounding metal bands is concerned (Decadence, Izegrim, etc.). Pyrotoxic also knows their old school thrash well, beating mercilessly its listeners like there´s no tomorrow. The guys - not forgetting the band´s frenzied sounding screamer either - have obviously spent some well-selected hours with their WE HAVE ARRIVED, ILLUSIONS, FISTFUL OF METAL, SPECTRUM OF DEATH, CHEMICAL INVASION, etc. etc. albums - and all this can be heard in their way to churn their aggressive and violently moving thrash attacks. Good stuff all around here from the Pyrotoxic´s thrash troops, and it´s also certain old school thrash fans can hardly ignore them. The band´s furious-sounding vocalist Liisa has especially made a convincing appearance on this split-CD release, so all the fairly earned points to her for her truly energetic and vicious vocal delivery.

3 out of 5
Track Listing


01. Imprisoned by Fire
02. The Betrayal
03. Malicious Thrill to Kill
04. Desecrate the Church
05. Black Metal
06. Inhumane



07. Nocturnal Violator
08. Nuclear War (Has No Rules)
09. Cursed Midnight
10. Recrucifixion
11. The Secret of Steel



Jorge Mundz Rivera - Vocals and bass
Tim Garren - Guitar
Adrian Obregon - Guitar
Jessie Mundz - Drums



Liisa - Vocals
Ville - Guitar
Antti - Guitar
Teemu - Bass
Markus - Drums



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