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Time To Wake Up
September 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Polish newcomers InDespair have taken the self-release approach on this, their debut album, which follows an EP from way back in 2007.

The band characterizes their sound as heavy/thrash metal, but I hear some definite moments of melodic death metal in the music; even some hints of gothic metal as well. It’s an interesting mix to be sure, but it’s oddly lacking in personality. It’s actually a bit frustrating, because the band is obviously trying to establish an identity of their own, but they just haven’t managed it yet. Even now, after listening to this album for nearly two months I have trouble picking out any distinctive riffs or melodies.

Part of the problem may be Piotr Krawczyk’s indistinct vocals. He’s got a gruff but clear growl that suits the music but tends to fade into the background – he doesn’t command attention. Similarly, the songs are just kind of “there” and don’t stick in the memory, although heavier numbers like “A Ripper, A Butcher, A Demon” tend to stand out more than others.

Reading this, it my sounds like I hate this album, but that’s really not the case. The fact is, TIME TO WAKE UP is a fine heavy metal album, the musicianship is flawless, but unfortunately that’s all I can say. That being said, InDespair is still a very promising band with plenty of ideas, they may just need more time to flesh them out.
Track Listing

1. Destined to Fall
2. Break His Spell
3. Vexilla Regis Produent Inferni
4. A Ripper, A Butcher, A Demon
5. Tonight We Die Free
6. To the Weak Ones
7. Time to Wake Up
8. The Scent of Fear
9. Blessed are the Fallen
10. An Inch From Our Demise


Piotr Krawczyk: Vocals
Serguisz Ciskowski: Guitar
Daniel Bartosik: Guitar
Wojciech Fojcik: Bass
Radoslaw Ofierski: Drums

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