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9th Order Extinct
September 2004
Released: 2004, Metal Blade
Rating: 2.8/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Incapacity seems to be paying homage to bands like Entombed, Grave and Unleashed on 9TH ORDER EXTINCT. If they aren’t, they may as well be, because this CD smacks of old-school Swedish death metal. Granted, Incapacity isn’t hinging all of their bets on that brief period of metal but the influence is unmistakable. The brutality is offset by slightly melodic riffs and a none-too-subtle groove. The story behind Incapacity is that bassist Anders Edlund was approached to form a band in mid-2002, but was limited to having members of known bands, so he brought in fellow bandmates from Torchbearer, Solar Dawn, Unmoored and former members of Pan-Thy-Monium, Edge of Sanity and Marduk. 9TH ORDER EXTINCT is hot on the heels of the band’s July 2003 debut, CHAOS COMPLETE and is a powerful, yet not wholly exciting, entry into the death metal canon. With the label throwing around obscure band names like they somehow add credit to the band, I expected a bit more than what is being offered. 9TH ORDER EXTINCT is instead very average and joins the ranks of Vomitory’s latest CD as the most mundane and uninspiring death metal release of 2004.

“Wide of The Mark” is a 56 second blip of pure aggression that starts things out on a promising note and “Grand Future Disease” contains some great riffs, but suddenly, things kind of bleed together into a further half hour of tedium. ”File Under Torture” features a chunky bass line from Edlund that had me hooked right away but at six and a half minutes, the song goes on for far too long sucking any momentum out itself. “Cross-Fixed” is short and sweet and almost has a Deicide vibe to it.

This is not a bad CD by any means but it has been done to death and there is nothing about 9TH ORDER EXTINCT to make it rise above the rest and make it recommendable. For a so-called “supergroup,” this is hardly anything to get excited about.

KILLER KUTS: “Wide of The Mark,” “Grand Future Disease,” “File Under Torture”
Track Listing

1. Wide of the Mark
2. Grand Future Disease
3. Winged With Fire
4. File Under Torture
5. Cross-Fixed
6. Shadows of the Watcher
7. Christless Ways
8. Infinite Time Decay
9. A Plague of Their Own
10. Overdose of Purity


Andreas “Drette” Axelsson—Vocals
Robert “Skoog” Ivarsson—Guitar
Christian Alvestam—Guitar
Anders Edlund—Bass
Henrik Schonstrom—Drums

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