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Decimate Christendom
November 2004
Released: 2004, Century Media Records
Rating: 3.1/5
Reviewer: Michael De Los Muertos

Incantation does what they do very well. I think of them as one of those indefatigable “workhorse” bands that pumps out another solid album year after year, without materially changing their style, their focus or their place in the metal world. Metal doesn’t have as many of these kinds of bands as it used to. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is debatable in the scene, but from my perspective it appears to be a fact.

What can I tell you about DECIMATE CHRISTENDOM that you probably don’t already know just from seeing that it’s a new Incantation release? Aside from what isn’t going on here—they haven’t sold out, they haven’t cut their hair or gone pop or mallcore, and they haven’t deviated substantially from their previous body of work—I don’t know that I need to give Incantation fans another reason to buy this disc. Conversely, if you’re not already a fan, I seriously doubt DECIMATE CHRISTENDOM will turn you into one. From the first track (the title track), on through the remainder of the album, each track drips with crunchy guitars, rage-filled Cookie Monster vocals, and the barest hint of a doom metal sensibility. I love doom, and I think Incantation are at their best when they’re bringing it out well, so my favorite tracks were “Oath of Armageddon” and “Horns of Eradication,” the latter so relentlessly punishing—yet strangely slow—that it stands out (for me) as the highlight of the album. On several tracks, such as “Thorns of Everlasting Persecution,” I detected the same blistering “math-metal” shred that Nile mixed so successfully with an Egyptian theme. It’s all very solid stuff, but you know what you’re getting from beginning to end.

There’s not a lot of innovation here, and I don’t suspect there was intended to be. DECIMATE CHRISTENDOM will not be remembered as a landmark album or some kind of apogee in the history of death metal, or even of the band’s discography, probably. But it won’t detract from their prestige either. This gets back to what I was saying about Incantation being a “workhorse” band. They set their sights on making a good album, and remaining true to the longtime fans and their own past material. They have succeeded brilliantly. If your expectations are in line with the band’s, I’m sure you will judge DECIMATE CHRISTENDOM a success.
Track Listing

1. Decimate Christendom
2. Dying Divinity
3. Oath of Armageddon
4. Blaspheme the Sacraments
5. Merciless Tyranny
6. Horns of Eradication
7. Unholy Empowerment of Righteous Deprivation
8. Thorns of Everlasting Persecution
9. No Paradise Awaits
10. Eternal Darkness Under Conquered Skies
11. Feeble Existence


John McEntee – guitar/vocals
Joe Lombard – bass
Kyle Severn – drums



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