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The Entry of the Demons
December 2013
Released: 2013, HSP Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

This month I had the good fortune to be contacted by an up & coming Canadian record label, HSP Productions. This Quebec-based outfit has been slowly gaining some traction in the metal underground, and sent me six of their most promising releases for review. Those are: Demonolator, Hell Crucificator, Iapethos, Outre Tombe, Sights of War, and Svalbard. Please feel free to check them all out this month.

Iapethos is the only band on the HSP Productions roster not from Quebec. Instead, the lone wolf that constitutes the band hails from Helsinki, Finland. How musician and label know each other, I have no clue, but I can say that Iapethos is a perfect fit for the label, even if they’re music is a bit different from the death metal assault of most of their label mates.

The band calls their music industrial black metal, instantly conjuring visions of atrocities like The Kovenant…* shudder *. Thankfully, the only “industrial” sounds I hear on this record are the obviously programmed drums, which honestly, detract from the music (more on this later). Beyond the drums however, this album is full of mid-paced militaristic black metal that definitely has a more cosmic atmosphere than your standard misanthropic or satanic black metal. The music rolls at you like waves from the sea, Iapethos croaking out his sermons in a typical black metal caw. There’s thankfully none of the ridiculous goofiness of The Kovenant or some …And Oceans (remember them?) material.

It’s all actually quite atmospheric, and Iapethos is smart enough to vary up the riffs and include swaths of keyboards to deepen the mood. Unfortunately the drum machine is so distracting, and prominent in the mix, that I often found myself losing interest in the music. This is a case where a real drummer, or at the very least a more skilled programmer, would help immensely. Still, THE ENTRY OF THE DEMONS is an intriguing piece of work that shows great promise.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Their Impending Appearance
3. Revealing the Lapis Philosophorum
4. Into the Dimension of the Horned One
5. The Drawing
6. Apostles of Misanthropy
7. Incantation of the New Empire
8. These Nameless Gods
9. The Entry of the Demons


Iapethos: Vocals, all instruments



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