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In Malice's Wake
The Thrashening
September 2015
Released: 2015, Punishment 18 Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

In Malice’s Wake is a band that comes from Australia with their third album The Thrashening. Despite the title of the album, the music here definitely comes off better than the name the album was given.

The album kicks off right away with fast playing and somewhat death metal like vocals (think more like Chuck Billy from mid-90’s Testament). I was also a big fan of the chorus as it felt memorable. This song sets the stage for what is to come from the rest of the album.

It isn't until the third song in do we get a bit of a break from the high speed of the first two tracks. It starts off with drums being the more prominent instrument of the bunch here. It does once again hold true to having a catchy chorus, as does most of the music here. Fuel For The Fire is the best example, having the name of the song chanted throughout the chorus of it.

Crawling Chaos is a song I do wish was an instrumental. Mostly because it takes a fairly long time to build up to the lyrics and even then the parts without lyrics are quite excellent.

The soloing on this album isn't much to speak about, as more often than not, it appears to be just “there”. It’s not terrible by any means, but it’s not a great wonder either.

The album is one that wraps up fairly quickly, coming in and just over 33 minutes in length. The final track is the only one with a different ending though, as it actually fades out to end the album, whereas all the other tracks tend to have a definitive ending to them.

Overall, it is a solid effort by this Australian band. Their style of Thrash metal is one that was refreshing compared to what I have listened to as of late. Once again, with the album being as long as it is, it doesn't overstay its welcome and allows the listener to have multiple listens without being overwhelmed by the length of it.
Track Listing

01 Endless Possession

02 Evil By Design

03 Onslaught

04 Fuel for the Fire

05 The Crawling Chaos

06 Join Us and Fight

07 No Escape

08 Nuclear Shadow


Mark Farrugia – Drums
Shaun Farrugia – Vocals, Guitars
Luke Blaso – Bass
David Graham – Lead Guitars



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