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In Malice´s Wake
Eternal Nightfall
May 2009
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Melbourne, Australia hits us hard this 4-piece thrash metal act called In Malice´s Wake that has now released a debut album on their own, titled ETERNAL NIGHTFALL. The band released a 4-song EP BLACKENED SKIES back in 2005, which got a very good response from the metal-heads from all around the world. Since then they have shared stages with many domestic metal acts – some more known and some less known, this including such names as Psycroptic, Mortal Sin, Alarum, Pegazus and Vanishing Point, just to name a few.

Back to the ETERNAL NIGHTFALL album though. Now having been listening to it for like the past 3-4 days in a row, it makes me wonder why no label was interested in putting this album out? Why did they have to self-release it? I mean, to me ETERNAL NIGHTFALL is quite a bomb; a frenzied assault of very focused and modernized thrash metal that borders on some of those familiar yet tasteful elements that make me think of bands like Testament and Annihilator for a good reason.

First off, each musician in In Malice´s Wake is quite a virtuoso on his own instrument. We are not talking about any yesterday´s rookies here, but a bunch of really professional and gifted musicians that can clearly understand what it takes to make a great sounding album that leaves no questions asked afterwards whether something could have done a bit differently regarding the final outcome of ETERNAL NIGHTFALL. Let me tell you right away that this album is a topnotch release in every single aspect. It has got strong riffs that hit their targets, amazing lead work, innovative and imaginative drum work, challenging bass patterns - rumbling behind all the other instruments - and like true icing on this whole well built-up cake, powerful vocals that owe a thing or two to Chuck Billy of Testament. And when heaps of variety is also added into the same delicious soup - in addition to great production, it´s hard to dislike the disc.

Most of the riffs in the songs on ETERNAL NIGHTFALL, come from the same school where Eric Peterson and Jeff Waters think up their cleverly churned out riffs from. Songs like “Pay the Price”, “To Run with the Darkness” and “Mental Disarray” are simply huge, aggressive riffage fests, so the lessons of becoming a champion of its own game have truly been learned in a great way. David´s (Graham) lead work is superb thoroughly, kicking in sharp and burning solos - one after the other, like the mighty Zeus, the ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of the sky and thunder. Other than that, when one has this ready package to blow our heads off from the shoulders as In Malice´s Wake have, it surely makes all of us scream in agony (and for a fair reason) why on earth no label hasn´t snapped up this talented and just amazing bunch yet?

The fact still remains the same that ETERNAL NIGHTFALL beats the shit out of majority of today´s metal releases, and I put out a 200 dollar bet that they don´t have to release their next album on their own any more. Wanna bet for it? Ha, I thought so... ;o)

In Malice´s Wake rules - the album kills! Two short sentences that hold so much truth in both of them.
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Pay the Price
03. Eternal Nightfall
04. Bitter Demise
05. To Run with the Darkness
06. Man Made Death
07. The Path Less Travelled
08. As Dusk Covers Day
09. Weakness in Numbers
10. Where Silence Hides (instrumental)
11. Mental Disarray


Shaun Farrugia - Vocals and guitar
David Graham - Lead guitar
Ben Withers - Bass
Mark Farrugia - Drums

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