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In Flames
The Tokyo Showdown: Live In Japan 2000
August 2001
Released: 2001, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Live albums are not something I typically go for. Of course there are exceptions. Live home videos are different because at least with that you get to see the band. Too bad this wasn’t a live DVD instead of a CD because if it were I would have been raving about this performance! With a live CD, it has to be quite something special in my opinion. Unfortunately, this live recording does not offer anything that you can’t get from listening to the studio albums. Therefore, this is pointless and a waste of time. Sure the sound quality is good, the selection of songs is not that band and the band’s live performance is pretty much note for note to the originals. It’s easy to tell that many a metalhead would have a great time seeing these guys live belting out such excellent tracks as “Pinball Map”, “Bullet Ride”, “Jotun”, “Food For The Gods” and of course concert closer and my personal favorite song by In Flames, “Episode 666.” One cool thing that happens in the middle of “Scorn” when the band seamlessly fits in the opening part of Slayer’s “Reign In Blood”…pretty cool! The only negative thing on the CD that I am being picky about is on the intro to “Only for The Weak.” The band asks “everyone to jump up and down for this one”, which in my opinion is kind of stomach turning. What’s this a ShitSnot gig? Fuck that, this is METAL – and that means fist pumping and head banging!! That aside, their live performance and the tracks on here are awesome. Tokyo Showdown is clearly for the die-hard fan. That’s the reason for my average / middle of the road review rating. It is not a reflection on the band’s music but a rating on the presentation of this as a live recording. If you’ve never heard In Flames (is that possible?) then check out WHORACLE immediately! Don’t bother with the live stuff until you have the studio recordings.

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