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Inquisition Demos
February 2009
Released: 2007, Nihilistic Holocaust
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Death metal with Flamenco parts?! Sounds like an absurd yet very insane idea, but surely would be worth trying out, right?

Impureza, this quartet hailing from Orléans (Centre), France, have given their best shot for this idea in which a flamenco guitar gets a clearly audible side role within Impureza´s songs. Flamenco isn´t any revolutionary instrument used in death metal; it´s been used by some death metal bands before, but apparently not in such big amounts as Impureza do within their own stuff.

INQUISITION DEMOS, is a compilation cassette tape, which contains the band´s 3 demos from 2005-2007. Impureza play dark and heavy death metal in which often flamenco guitars break in, without asking permission first - making the whole thing sound quite unusual, more interesting and overall challenging for its listener. Other than that, even if the essence of Impureza´s sound is based on pure death metal – with crushingly heavy guitars, deep and innards-shredding, growling vocals and such things, they have been wise enough to sharpen their weapons a little more than many of today´s death metal acts by incorporating unexpected rhythm changes, odd timings, etc. into their songs. It all sounds very focused and controlled altogether – and during the long run, it will work for their advantage for sure. In fact, there´s not even a question about that.

The band´s latest two demos, EN EL DESIERTO DE LA CREENCIA (demo 2007) and RUINA DE LA PENITENCIA (demo 2006), sound kinda Nile influenced with crunchy, down-tuned guitar parts, similarly arranged song and vocal parts to Nile´s - full of furious blast-beat attacks and murky and all-crushing feel in them, although without any Egyptian influences or anything like that.

What came as a somewhat strange coincidence to me, Impureza´s demo, titled Y CORRERA TU SANGRE, recorded back in 2005, brought the already disbanded, Missouri-based Timeghoul back to my mind with their quite similar type of multi-layered approach (which is not in any disarray, in fact perfectly in control and balanced) they have achieved on this particular demo. Hopefully they can also get some of that for their debut full-length album, titled LA IGLESIA DEL ODIO, which they planned to release in the first half of 2008 already.

However, pretty fuckin´ awesome death metal band they are anyway. If you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, quality death metal stuff that doesn´t sound overly polished or too modern, then why not to try out Impureza from France?
Track Listing

01. El Gitano Maldito *
02. En el Desierto de la Creencia *
03. Varicocha *
04. La luz de la la Luna Negra **
05. El Predicator **
06. Las Colinas de los Crucificados Sin Cabezas **
07. La Checa del Perverso **
08. Y Corre Tu Sangre ***
09. La Checa del Perverso ***
10. Enganifa Religiosa ***

* Tracks 1-3 taken from EN EL DESIERTO DE LA CREENCIA demo 2007

** Tracks 4-7 taken from RUINA DE LA PENITENCIA demo 2006

*** Tracks 8-10 taken from Y CORRERA TU SANGRE demo 2005


Lamas - Vocals and bass
Rafael - Vocals and guitar
Lionelito - Guitar
Guillermo - Drums

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