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Safest Shelter
November 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Implexi is a band that has been looking to get into the metal scene for some time. They are a band that has been together for some time but have only now released an EP to the world from their native Brazil. Being an independent release, this does tend to suffer from bad production and unfortunately, it does plague what can be some pretty good music.

Right away, the drums sound terrible. This is not to say the playing is bad, it is clearly the mixing that has them sound bad. The vocals are also another problem. I had a hard time hearing much of what was being said on this album. This may once again be the fault of the mixing, but it can also contribute to the fact that the vocalist doesn’t have the power to make his voice heard. This also comes into effect for any sort of spoken word passages that are used throughout the album. Either way, it made for a hard listen.

As it was stated, there is good to be found on this album, namely within the keys and the guitars. The keys have their shine on the song The Shelter, while the guitars truly show off on Prostrate Seer. Coincidentally, these also happen to be the best songs on the album. The other songs are not terrible, they just pale in comparison to these songs.

With the guitars and keys being the good part, I need to speak of the drumming on this album. I have already gone over how it sounds bad on the mixing, but there are times when it can take you out of the song altogether. Songs such as Arrival in the Dark make it seem the drummer has no clue of what to do and makes it feel like they’re all over the place. However, there are times when the drums play a more straight forward approach, which is when they tend to be more on tolerable side.

Overall, this is more or less plagued by bad production. Moving the vocals further up in the mix, having the drums get a better sound and perhaps honing the drumming altogether and you’ll have a solid band. There is groundwork here but it needs to improve to truly take off.
Track Listing

1.Arrival in The Dark
2.Prostrate Seer
3.The Secrets of Darkness
5.The Shelter


Carlos Silva - Bass, Vocals
Alec Siqueira - Drums
Renato Tanaka - Guitars
Edu Gomes - Vocals

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