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August 2016
Released: July, Own
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Impavidus are a four piece female fronted metal band from Manchester, a city famous for two football clubs and Coronation Street. After writing a review in which I said I wasn't a fan of the Lamb of God mid-tempo groove I received this EP and the first name on their influence list is Lamb of God. I didn't need to worry because in my un-humble opinion Impavidus sound nothing like said band and, like many metal bands these days, have wider influences.

Starting the EP wisely with the best track, Heaven's Gate, it begins Arch Enemy like before changing to clean "Blood Ceremony" style ethereal vocals gliding over the top of the heaviness. It features the great line, "this is your last chance to leave" before a furious tempo change to blast beat drumming. Although the growling is immense I start to imagine what they could do with more clean vocals. 3 minutes, 24 seconds into the song a bridge into a tapping style solo before the songs builds into a faster climax. A song you find yourself humming to long after the song has finished. Thumbs up, or should that be horns up?

So far so good, I am enjoying the EP. Just enough melody in the guitars and retro female clean vocals to remind me of Avatarium and gentle (!?) blast beat style snare drums. The second track is just as enjoyable and has killer lines such as "shut the F*&K up, you better face it now" get you thinking about the subject of the song. The guitar solo is again left until near the end of the song.

Although third song Black Mirror is interesting I didn't enjoy it as much as I don't think the song was developed enough to keep it interesting. They could have added a riff or hook and tweaked the structure. It is not a bad song but maybe suffers from following two excellent songs.

They are back on track for fourth and final track Scourge which starts quickly and a time change after less than 20 seconds. There is urgency in this songs and some fantastic lyrics. This time the structure is excellent with a quiet part, clean guitars and whispered vocals before a build up. This adds a lot of atmosphere to the song with another guitar solo near the end of the track, this time a lot longer and all the better for it.

As is becoming almost the norm these days, the production is top notch with every instrument, vocal and backing vocal clear and powerful. Impavidus have managed to put a lot of their character into the EP which is harder to do than you may think. It is metal with just the right amount of style. This band has an advantage over many heavy bands with a vocalist than can sing really well, and the musician play really tight as a unit.
Track Listing

1) Heaven's Gate
2) Exculpate
3) Black Mirror
4) Scourge


Michelle -Vocals
Paddy - Bass & Vocals
Gav- Guitar & Backing Vocals
Chris -Drums

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