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One Nation Underground
August 2001
Released: 2001, The Root of All Evil Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

If you want blood you got it!!! This is the title of a classic AC/DC tune but it could also be the battle cry for shock rockers Impaler. These guys are insane and I can personally attest to that after seeing their set at Metal Meltdown. I watched the first part of the show from the photo pit but had to get the hell out of there when the blood and raw liver began to fly. Yeah, you heard me... Raw liver!!!!! Not only did lead singer Bill Lindsey chew it up and spit it out he also deposited some in the open mouths of some hardcore Impaler fans! Not for those with weak stomachs. Impaler put on a great show which made me hunt down some of their music. What I got was their latest CD ONE NATION UNDERGROUND and IMPALER: THE GRUESOME YEARS. One Nation is their latest Cd while THE GRUESOME YEARS is a compilation of their first 2 albums RISE OF THE MUTANTS and IF WE HAD BRAINS WE’ D BE DANGEROUS. This selection of old and new material gave a me a great idea of how Impaler has changed over the years. Joining Lindsey on this Cd are Bradley J: guitars and nervous tension, Erik Allen; bass abuse and Tom Croxton; drums and bludgeoning.

The early music of Impaler was raw, punk influenced metal long on heart and conviction but not the most technical music ever created. It was great, emotional, from the heart punk fuelled horror metal to steal the bands own description. The years have passed and the guys have gotten older but they are basically coming from the same place. ONE NATION UNDERGROUND is the same horror metal that the band played back in the early days just with some polish and maturity. Opening track "I Walk Again" sets the tone for the following tunes with a song about digging up dead bodies. Gotta love these guys. "Cage Match Tragedy" deals with pro wrestling and the violent steel cage match! The bands early punk influences shine through on such tracks as "Beautiful Monstrosity" and "No Pulse, No Breath". I am seeing a definite theme here in the songs. Lots of death, death and more death! Impaler also does a great cover from the King of Shock Rock , Alice Cooper. The do a great version of "Teenage Frankenstein" and give it the Impaler treatment with a slightly speeded up tempo. Great job.

I have to say that this CD was a grower for me. At first I couldn’t seem to get into it. After a few listens it started to become the disc that stayed in my player and the first one to be played when I wanted to hear some tunes. Lindsey and company have created a kickass CD of punk inspired metal. If you get a chance to see these guys live then DON"T pass it up!!!!!! Check them out at
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