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Old School Ghouls
January 2003
Released: 2002, Root of All Evil
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

After revelling in the atmosphere of the Christmas season when everything is happy and cheerful, its time to get back to the real world. What better band to usher in the New Year than Impaler! I have had my fill of happiness and all that crap. Now I want some blood and guts! Impaler delivers with their latest release OLD SCHOOL GHOULS. The disc contains 13 songs (4 of which were previously heard on THE MUTANTS RISE AGAIN ltd. ed. Vinyl) and a video for “Decayed”.

Impaler is a band that is best experienced live. Their show looks like a classic slasher movie and they do their best to bring that same atmosphere to their albums. The CD opens with an intro of a child reciting a rather morbid nursery rhyme about dying, hearses, worms and puss. What a way to create an atmosphere. Impaler do it like no one else. “Legend of the 13 Graves” deals with a 1963 killing spree. After a killer was sent to jail the mysteriously disappeared the next day. They exact their revenge as it is said that the ghost came back and took their killer away. A great story and exactly what I expect from Impaler. “Dead Tired” is just a straight ahead punk infused metal track about what else.. cemeteries sand dead bodies! One of the carry over tracks from THE MUTANTS RISE AGAIN is a cover of Alice Cooper’s “Dead Babies”. Impaler do a great cover of this song and it fits perfectly with the whole Impaler horror theme. They also do a great cover of “Psychotherapy” by The Ramones. The CD closes with the same nursery rhyme music that opens the disc. It is a nice little bookend to this whole horror metal show.

Impaler are metal in one of its rawest forms. They are a child of the early 80s when metal was being bred with punk to help reinvent the genre. Horror has been a part of metal since the days of Alice Cooper and Impaler keep that spirit alive both on their CDs and in the amazing live shows. OLD SCHOOL GHOULS carry on the Impaler tradition because in the words of legendary frontman Bill Lindsey “Impaler Won’t Die!”
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