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Impaled Nazarene
November 2003
Released: 2003, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Well, well, well... the world´s only premier and privileged ´Nuke Metal´ warriors ImpNazs, have reached their next ´pit-stop´ in the band´s long-lasting career. ALL THAT YOU FEAR is the title of these Nuclear Metal commandos´ 8th full-length album and the band sounds like they have been having good time while putting songs together for this particular album. One of the first things you are going to notice, is the ImpNaz –camp´s more straight-forward, faster and more aggressive approach of the songs on ALL THAT YOU FEAR compared their previous album, ABSENCE OF WAR DOES NOT MEAN PEACE. Also, it´s cool to notice that a typical ´Punk/Hardcore´ element has returned back to their known sound again which was probably a bit lost on ABSENCE for some reason or the other. At best they without a question are in such songs as “Armageddon Death Squad”, “The Maggot Crusher”, “Halo of Flies”, “Recreate Thru Hate” and “Tribulation Hell” where the guys try seriously punch straight between your eyes by their musical viciousness and unscrupulousness and even do it successfully. However, as much as they have always been a Metal band, they have also been as much as a Punk/Metal band; Mika´s roots are heavily into Punk – and Hardcore bands, so it´s no wonder you can recognize some of those aforementioned ingredients on ALL THAT YOU FEAR. “Goat Seed of Doom” is almost a plain Punk and Hardcore tune from start to end and fits overall into an aggressive nature of the album very well, I think.

There´s also a couple of more tamed, ´so-so´ slower and mid-tempo numbers on the record (“The Endless War” and “Suffer in Silence”) that are actually quite impotent efforts all in all even by ImpNaz´s standards. That´s what I honestly think and the guys should have left them out from ALL THAT YOU FEAR in my opinion. A matter of taste, of course and mine surely may suck big time. Oh well, whatever you may think...

The last song – and the title track of the album, could be considered sort of an ´epic´ song on ALL THAT YOU FEAR. Crushingly heavy it is and all, and the main riff sticks like a gum in your hair so easily that it´s nearly impossible to like the song.

For Impaled Nazarene´s great advantage it could also be said that there´s no other band that sounds like them at all. From one album after another album these fellows always manage to reach that level musically where they sound very much like their own selfish unit and strengthen even more the band´s status amongst both lovers and haters of the band. You simply love or loathe them; I surely know my side now...
Track Listing

01. Kohta ei Naura Enää Jeesuskaan
02. Armageddon Death Squad
03. The Endless War
04. The Maggot Crusher
05. Curse of the Dead Medusa
06. Suffer in Silence
07. Halo of Flies
08. Recreate Thru Hate
09. Goat Seeds of Doom
10. Even More Pain
11. Tribulation Hell
12. Urgent Need to Kill
13. All That You Fear


Arc V 666 – Bass
Tuomio – Lead guitar
Onraj SMM – Guitar
Repe Misanthrope – Drums
Sluti 666 – Vocals

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