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Choice Cuts
April 2001
Released: 2001, Deathvomit Records / Necropolis
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: AL

The gore death metallers Impaled have once again managed to make an acquaintance with the tight censorship cos the manufacturer seems to have refused to print the cover material of Choice Cuts. Well it ain’t any unexpected surprise why, well just take a glance at the front cover : A bloody premature baby surrounded by all kinds of guts and gore between a woman’s leg and an iron saw on the baby’s throat to execute. I haven’t seen such a brutal, sick and grotesque cover since the early 90’s and the late 80’s when Carcass came out with these pathological things.

Choice Cuts could be described to basically be some kind of complication album as featuring different versions of already previously released tracks of Impaled on the demo stage. Choice Cuts as well has a couple of killer cover tracks of “Carneous Cacoffiny” by Carcass and “I work for the Streetcleaner” by Impetigo. Both the cover tunes have been already released on the tribute albums of both the cult bands after all. As being a huge old Carcass fan I can’t help saying Impaled have done a damn fair job with the Carcass tune, cos it doesn’t differ that much from the original version and actually someone could consider Carcass doing this tune. As for the demo material, I guess the stuff must have been re-mixed a few times before getting on the cd as sounding so polished and clear whereas a couple of older demo tracks sound like they would have been recorded with a more primitive approach and not re-mixed that much. I don’t know if it makes any sense to put out this kind of cd mainly featuring old demo tracks and different versions of the same tracks cos there are already a plenty of them out there and people usually manages to get a hold of the demo stuff via tape trading after all. or
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