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Immortal Guardian
Revolution Part I
September 2015
Released: Sept,
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your damn hats! You are about to hear a positive review of a power metal band from America! Yes, AMERICA!! Against all odds, the shores of North America offer a quite good release from Immortal Guardian called “Revolution Part I”. Admittedly, the vocalist, Carlos Zema, hails from Brazil but damn it, I have to call this “American” for my own sanity and pride.

So, do we have Iced Earth part 2? Absolutely not. Certainly there are elements of virtuosity that will remind many of Iced Earth or even Dragonforce but there is a good deal of originality at hand here. The opening track, “Beyond the Skies”, is a firecracker that burns quickly through a melodic maze that crosses the path of Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Primal Fear, and many others without borrowing too much from any of them. By the end of the track you’ll certainly want to be sure that you heard correctly about this band’s place of origin.

Entering into “Walk Alone”, front man Zema showcases a wide range of metal goodness. I’ll tell you, this guy can sing something fierce. Highs, lows, cleans, roughs….it’s all there in high quality. Track 3, “Immortal” features Roy Z. Now before any of you Helloween Dark Ride haters go running off in disgust, I promise you that this track will impress you. It begins as if on an old phonograph and raises into a powerful shredder of high intensity. It’s crystal clear in sound and unique in style. Moving into the next to last piece we have “Between Fire and Ice”. This one is a slower jam with a piano piece that surrenders into a power groove. Personally, “Between Fire and Ice” stands out as the best track on the EP if you ask this reviewer. It’s a unique sounding ballad in many ways. Closing the show is “Victory Shore”. There are some Maiden moments here in the intro to the track but they are quickly dispelled and touched by the hands that forged this interesting array of tracks.

I’m here to say that this band will be making a splash sooner than later. Once I saw “Immortal” and “Guardian” I thought I knew exactly what I was about to get. I got much more than expected and I highly encourage fans of this genre to grab hold of this and give it a serious listen. I think you’ll be impressed as well!

Reviewer: Chris Marsh
Track Listing

01 Beyond The Skies
02 Walk Alone
03 Immortal (feat. Roy Z)
04 Between Fire And Ice
05 Victory Shore


Carlos Zema - Vocals
Gabriel Guardian-Guitar/Keyboard
Cody Gilliand-Drums
Thad Stevens - Bass

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