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Immortal Dominion
March 1999
Released: 1999, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Noisy screaming vocals with a hardcore/death metal edge backed by a band of very pissed off individuals describes this band. This is Immortal Dominion's second recording and their first full length CD. Hailing from Northern Colorado the four-piece have opened for the likes of Unsane, Oppressor, Macabe and Malevolent Creation. While this CD has death metal appeal it is not the technical type of death metal offered up by bands like Death or Morbid Angel. Instead, Immortal Dominion are more straight cut with what sounds to me like hardcore influences. Again the high point of the CD is the drumming. It seems as if great drummers are everywhere these days, but try to find a lead guitarist and you're shit outta luck. The same is true for Immortal Dominion. When there are leads on the CD they are pure chaos with an over abundance of squeals and whammy bar dives, the type of soloing that comes from the top of your head. The songs that make this CD decent are tracks like "Endure" (nice drum intro) and especially the CD opener "Demon Voices" except for it's 1min30sec clean intro...but when it finally picks up with the crunchy riff your head will be thrashing!! For some reason there are two songs on the CD that stick out including "Brighter Days." When it kicks in I'm thinking what's with the 4-chord Nirvana riffing? The vocals on this are also completely different - sounding like most other alternative bands. This track should of been left aside as should of the song "Piece of Meat." There's your clean part then it cuts into a Coal Chamber / Pantera type of deal, this just isn' t working for me. If these guys stay on track by expanding upon what they are doing best and lose the hardcore overtones I see no reason why they will not have a bright future in metal.
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