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Sons of Northern Darkness
March 2002
Released: 2002, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Cid

First of all let me tell you that Immortal is one of my top 3 bands of all time. I’ve loved everything the Norwegians have put out since DIABOLICAL FULL MOON MISTICYSM. Whether is was PURE HOLOCAUST’s raw and unabashed fury or BLIZZARD BEASTS’ amazing speed Immortal have never ceased to amaze me. Under Abbath Doom Oculta’s lead, Immortal have brought us SONS OF NORTHERN DARKNESS, an incredible album that takes the listener straight into the heart of the frostbitten kingdoms just so you can feel the chill of the icy winds.

Opening with the brutal attack of “One by one”, the album flows smoothly varying passages of intense black metal in the vein of every classic Immortal song you’ve heard before. This said, I don’t mean Immortal is doing a self-copy work with SONS OF NORTHERN DARKNESS, but that the Norwegian outfit has managed to blend everything they have done before into an album that I only see fit to describe as groundbreaking. Sometimes letting the flames in the icy world burn slowly and stomping everything in their way, sometimes with a full on, full speed attack, Immortal have once again outdone themselves and have claimed the their rightful throne in the Norwegian scene. If you wanted perfection, you have it right here! No questions you have will remain unanswered as to where Immortal is going. They’re staying at the top of their game and if you liked anything they did before, I guarantee you will love this one.

Thanks to Luxi for reviewing this album a couple of months back! I felt I had to let all of you know that I agree with him that Immortal have once again outdone themselves!


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