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Imperial Crystalline Entombment
March 2004
Released: 2003, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Woah man, I do believe that if Immortal (R.I.P.) were still around, they’d have some competition for top honors in the “band most obsessed with winter and all otherwise cold things” category, ‘cause I.C.E. are damn near consumed by the topic! The band consists of four lads with names like Bleak and IceSickKill from the U.S. intent on spreading their frigid word to the metal masses via their apocalyptic black metal.

While the U.S. black metal scene was once maligned as being completely inferior to its European brethren, it has spawned some great bands in the last few years. My guess is the I.C.E. has a good chance of joining those bands and making a mark on the metal world. Playing a hyper-speed style of black metal that sounds like an unholy cross between Darkthrone (with slightly better production) and Marduk, I.C.E. whip through 3 songs in a scant 11 minutes. The band leaves a lasting impression before fleeing back to their frozen tundra hideaway.

IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT is a nonstop black metal assault for its entirety, yet the music is never boring or repetitive. By mixing in some classic thrash style, the music somehow sounds fresh, despite the fact the band is doing nothing new. My favorite song is probably the opening salvo, “Astral Frost Invocation” with its full-speed ahead double bass and wrist-breaking riffs. Plus, the first time I heard the vocalist’s opening scream of “WE ARE FUCKING I.C.E.!”, I knew that this was going to be a cool (ha!) disc.

I.C.E. is definitely a band to watch out for in the coming years, as they clearly have the ability to go far. Best to get in on the ground floor methinks.
Track Listing

1)Astral Frost Invocation
2)Apocalyptic Blizzard Regime
3)Behold Thy Frozen Arctic Kingdom



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