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June 2001
Released: 2001, Blackened Records
Rating: 3.2/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Bringing back the days of the early Dark Tranquillity and Dissection, as stated on the label´s info sheet, Swedish Immemoreal sounds just like they have had a serious attempt to re-record and capture the same feeling of THE GRIEF PROPHECY (Dissection) and TRAIL OF LIFE DECAYED (Dark Tranquillity) demos all over again, but only reached a half way of the glorious sounds of those two magnificient Swedish pieces of the underground metal history and nearly made it thru by achieving the same class and vibrant feeling for TEMPLE OF RETRIBUTION, the band´s debut album. In fact, they have come very close with this album by bringing back to minds one of those very 1st Swedish Death Metal bands mixed with some Black Metal influences who were striving for that melodic Death Metal sound with keyboard laden passages - and what later became known largely as "the Göteborg sound" in the mid ´90s and beyond. Well, what the guys have done on TEMPLE OF RETRIBUTION, they haven´t given any space for the keyboards here (except for the intros/outros!), but thrashed their hearts out for the sake of the ol´ times by a good amount of conviction and attitude. But still, I guess some of you may well remember that even Dark Tranquillity added the keys later into their sound? They owe without doubt pretty much to the D.T. camp because of their past works anyway; for their "keyboard-free" era at least - as well as they owe Dissection and Unanimated - for their somewhat crispy and aggressive, take-no-prisoners attacks on the album.

For their grief, I wish they could have come up with this stuff for the album a lot of earlier as now this sounds kinda out-dated. As they say, once extinguished campfire is pretty darn hard to get blazing again. TEMPLE OF RETRIBUTION should, in my opinion, have been released more than 5 years ago and they probably have done much stronger impact on the scene.

"Armageddon´s Blade" and "Curse of Chaos" are killer echoes from the past times of Swedish Death/Black Metal scene, so if you think that´s still your thing, then "Temple of Retribution" will obviously be something very cool entertainment for your heavily nostalgia-craving ears.
Track Listing

01. Intro-duce the Chaos
02. Curse Of Chaos
03. A Nightmare Scenario
04. Triumphant Grasp
05. Intro-duce the Power
06. By the Sunset...
07. Temple of Retribution
09. The Unholy (Intro)
10. Blazing Glory (Instrumental)
11. In Dark
12. Armageddon's Blade
13. Immemorial Ages
14. Outro


Goatnecro - Vocals
Aho - Bass
Grendel - Guitar
Blash - Guitar
Wouthan - Drums

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