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Atheist Crusade
September 2010
Released: 2010, Stromspell Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Sweden has always produced some great metal over some four decades already; be it traditional heavy metal, thrash, doom, black or speed metal. Talking about the latter mentioned genre – speed metal - this category has again got a pretty nice addition in the Swedish metal scene: Immaculate, located in Uppsala, which you can add to this same pile of worth checking-out Swedish speed metal acts.

Immaculate released their first full-length studio album (THRASH, KILL ´N´ DESTROY) on a small German underground metal label Witches Brew back in 2007, and since then they have been thrashing the grounds more or less loudly and visibly.

Immaculate´s 2nd album, ATHEIST CRUSADE, brings us 8-track speed metal extravagance - full of blasting speeds, screaming high-pitched vocals, stylish gang shouts, crunching and simple riff fests that surround its listener from every possible direction, etc. – and just lots of passionate and determined playing that is meant to resemble the times when speed metal was ´that thing´ that ruled the world from coast to coast and back: The mighty eighties.

Sure thing, when listening to Immaculate´s 2nd opus, such names like Agent Steel, Helstar, Realm, Have Mercy and so on, may pop out from their songs as musical references to these talented Swedish speed metal merchants, kind of fueling people´s minds about those past times - and making them appreciate Immaculate for bringing some glimpses of those times back to us again on ATHEIST CRUSADE. Their devotion and determination to sound like one of those 80s speed metal acts, has been fulfilled perfectly on ATHEIST CRUSADE, and therefore it becomes somewhat hard to resist liking what they do on this record.

Immaculate has full proof 100% speed metal in their veins, and the way they reveal it all on ATHEIST CRUSADE is simply outstanding. I am safe in saying that this is a must-have release for every speed metal fan out there, so simply get it – suck it – and enjoy the hell out of it.
Track Listing

01. Cross of Nero
02. Thrashark
03. The Immaculate Dead
04. Sanity's Eclipse/Steel of the Missionary
05. Atheist Crusade
06. Thrash Metal Avenger
07. The Apparition*
08. Gutterthrash

* Fates Warning cover


Mika Eronen - Vocals
Nino Vukovic - Guitar
Fadi Ghanime - Guitar
Daniel Kallin - Bass
Oscar Moritz - Drums

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