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April 1997
Released: 1997, Headless Corpse Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Remember the good old days when San Francisco Bay Area thrash was it? It was a time when bands like Exodus, Forbidden, Death Angel, and Testament were all big time. The legacy of the Bay Area sound helped spawn bands like Machine Head and Pantera who in their own right are great bands. However, these two bands don't sound like 80's thrash. Just because the music from that era is no longer the in thing does not mean that it's shit! Nor does it mean that it will never re-appear. I'm not saying that change isn't good, it's what keeps things from stagnating.

For everyone who likes things to stay the same or perhaps for anyone who just misses the old days, a band has emerged that will satisfy you. This band is IMAGIKA. Unfortunately, the majority of the originators of the scene have either broken up, given up, or have lost their way. San Francisco's Imagika recent self-titled release has seemingly been put in a time capsule for 10 years. It's so dated that it actually sounds fresh!! No trendy industrial or alternashit influences mar this recording. If you miss the good old days then check this shit out!! If you were too young to realize what you have missed then now is your chance. This CD is heavy, aggressive, technical, and has tight playing. It's topped off with a well ranged singer that can sing clear, high and melodic as well as rough, as is the hallmark of many thrash bands. The lead guitarist has awesome chops that blows away many contemporary lead players. The only drawback is that he's the only guitarist in the band. On the recording during solo sections things sound empty at times. They probably did this so they could recreate the songs live, but it still sounds empty either way.

Their are 7 songs listed on the CD and 2 unlisted tracks. Of these the best are "Crush Your World" and "Realize" (wicked double kicks in the later). Standing out like a sore thumb on the CD is "Endless." While this is not a bad song, it sounds more apt to be found on Metal Church's "Hanging In The Balance."

If this CD would of been released 10 years ago then you wouldn't be reading this for you'd already have Imagika in your collection. To learn more about the band visit their web site. You can order the CD from Headless Corpse Records.

HeadLess Corpse Records

P.O. Box 1164

San Carlos, CA.

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