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January 2009
Released: 2007, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

Named after the Norwegian national instrument, the Harding fiddle – Hardingrock are an intriguing act that includes Ihsahn (Emperor, Peccatum), his wife Heidi S. Tveitan (StarofAsh, Peccatum), and famed Norwegian fiddler Knut Buen in their ranks. While there is a clear thread of black metal running throughout, GRIMEN is not a black album per se, but a traditional folk album (with traces of electronica and classical music) that has been adapted to include the heavier elements of Ihsahn’s past.

Before we go any further it’s obvious that GRIMEN is avant-garde and experimental in nature. From the vocals which are a mix of singing and spoken word (which are unsurprisingly sung in Norwegian) that provide a mature and expressive stamp on the identity of the project, to the use of violins GRIMEN, is a complex listening experience that requires attention and time. Those who do make the effort are sure to be rewarded with a release that stretches boundaries and takes some risks.

GRIMEN will get a stack of attention due to Ihsahn’s presence but that alone shouldn’t be the reason alone, as each musician makes a mark and leave quite an impression.

Those looking for something a little different should give Hardingrock a listen as it will prove a certainly fill a void in your current collection.
Track Listing

1. Daudingen
2. Fanitullen
3. Faens Marsj
4. Margit Hjuske
5. Den Bergtekne
6. Faen Pa Bordstabelen
7. Grimen
8. Fossegrimen
9. Nykken
10. Huldreslatten


Ihsahn - Instruments, Vocals
Heidi S. Tveitan - Keyboards, Vocals
Knut Buen - Fiddle, Vocals



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