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Hard Riot
The Blackened Heart
August 2014
Released: 2014, Pitch Black Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Hard Riot is a very good arising hard’n’heavy band from Germany and THE BLACKENED HEART (take a look at the great album cover!) is their second effort.

I have small expectation for this record but Hard Riot’s hard’n’heavy input has another opinion. This album is a guilty pleasure (take into account I am not a hard rock fan!); a fine slab of heavy and hard rock anthems that most modern music critics love to hate. You can hear a lot of influences on this album from AC/DC (“Suicide Blues”) to Nickelback.

The main drawback here is the overbearing sense of familiarity that begins to creep in as the band moves through the likes of standard rock-by-numbers chuggers such as the mid-album trio of 'Not Alone', 'The Enemy Within' and 'Dirty Games', all three of which could be the fast forward filler on any Nickelback album. So there is a slight lack of consistency but nevertheless Hard Riot seem to be moving in the right direction and fans of either of the aforementioned would certainly be advised to give them a listen.

Hard Riot loads up this album with all those elements that, once more, make THE BLACKENED HEART indulgent like a double chocolate fudge ice cream sundae. They also got the balls of hard, metal edged, rock allowing them share in the best of past and present. Melody with hooks in arrangements and refrains are at a premium. But also are large melodic riffs, big guitar solos, speed and rock groove, and pleasing vocal harmonies. This album is solid and entertaining stuff. Easily recommended.

You do not want to pass this one up. MOUNT Hard Riot have managed to set themselves apart with well-written songs, haunting vocals, killer riffs, and the right type of mood that is essential for crafting memorable hard rock.
Track Listing

1. Blackout
2. Suicide Blues
3. Devil’s BBQ
4. The End
5. Count On Me
6. Not Alone
7. The Enemy Within
8. Dirty Games
9. Last Goodbye
10. High Society Bitch
11. Hit The Ground
12. BOUNUSSONG - The End feat. Richard Sjunnesson


Andreas Rockrohr - Guitar
Michael Gildner – Vocals
Carmine Jaucci - Drums

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