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Hanoi Rocks
Strange Boys Box
December 2016
Released: 2016, Cleopatra Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Hanoi Rocks is one of those bands I remember liking back in the day but never owning much by them. My first recollection of them was strangely not the horrific accident that took the life of Razzle but their cover of CCR’s “Up Around The Bend”. I first saw the video on the Power Hour and loved it instantly. Being in my early-mid teens it never jarred on me that it was a cover. It sounded familiar yet new, fresh. Who were these guys?

It was pre-internet so all our music news came from Much Music and magazines such as Rip, Circus and HitParader. Scouring back issues to find articles and infos on this ‘New’ band that we may have missed or forgotten we read was part of the thrill. Discovering a new band, turning your friends on to them..etc. It was an exciting time.

During this digging I found out they weren’t part of the LA Sunset Strip but from Finland. WOW! Something new, a real foreign band. I acquired a tape somehow and second hand copy of TWO STEPS FROM THE MOVE on LP (Sold it and rebought a copy years later). Bothe were played to death. As years passed they had broken up and I lost track of the members. A few years ago I saw a new Hanoi CD so I picked it up and that renewed my interest in the band. That is when I repurchased TWO STEPS FROM THE MOVE along with BACK TO MYSTERY CITY (I believe?) from a used record shop. Fast forward to 2016 and I get a press release saying there is a Hanoi Box coming in the Fall with the first few albums. Needless to say I was psyched to revisit the band yet again.

The 5CD box arrives and I put on BANGKOK SHAKES disc. I was transported immediately back to the mid 80’s. Good, fun music with no real message. Energetic party music at it’s finest. All 5 discs are packaged in mini LP-style cardboard sleeves and there is a nice booklet included that is filled with photos’s and info. The CD’s are the first 4 studio albums along with the live ALL THOSE WASTED YEARS. For some reason my personal favourite TWO STEPS FROM THE MOVE is not included. From my perspective it would make perfect sense to include it as it would be the full Hanoi package. Apart from that, this is fantastic.

The music does stand the test of time and still sounds as good now as it did back then. Even though 30 years have passed, some of this is new to me as I never owned all the albums so this was a real enjoyable listen. This 5CD set was also issued as a 6LP set which I plan to get eventually and may add to this review with comment on it. It would go great in my collection and I think listening to Hanoi on LP suits it more than on CD. That does not take away from this excellent set that puts the beginning of the band all in one nice looking box.
Track Listing

Disc 1 – Bangkok Shocks Saigon Shakes Hanoi Rocks
1. Tragedy
2. Village Girl
3. Stop Cryin’
4. Don’t Never Leave Me
5. Lost In The City
6. First Timer
7. Cheyenne
8. 11th Street Kids
9. Walking With My Angel
10. Pretender

Disc 2 – Oriental Beat
1. Motorvatin’
2. Don’t Follow Me
3. Visitor
4. Teenangels Outsiders
5. Sweet Home Suburbia
6. M.C. Baby
7. No Law Or Order
8. Oriental Beat
9. Devil Woman
10. Lightning Bar Blues
11. Fallen Star

Disc 3 – Self Destruction Blues
1. Love’s An Injection
2. I Want You
3. Cafe Avenue
4. Nothing New
5. Kill City Kills
6. Self Destruction Blues
7. Beer And A Cigarette
8. Whispers In The Dark
9. Taxi-Driver
10. Desperados
11. Problem Child
12. Dead By X-Mas

Disc 4 – Back To Mystery City
1. Strange Boys Play Weird Openings
2. Malibu Beach
3. Mental Beat
4. Tooting Bec Wreck
5. Until I Get You
6. Sailing Down The Tears
7. Lick Summer Love
8. Beating Gets Faster
9. Ice Cream Summer
10. Back To Mystery City

Disc 5 – All Those Wasted Years
1. Pipeline
2. Oriental Beat
3. Back To Mystery City
4. Motorvatin’
5. Until I Get You
6. Mental Beat
7. Don’t Never Leave Me
8. Tragedy
9. Malibu Beach Nightmare
10. Visitor
11. 11th Street Kids
12. Taxi-Drivers
13. Lost In The City
14. Lightning Bar Blues
15. Beer And Cigarette
16. Under My Wheels
17. I Feel Alright
18. Train Kept A Rolling





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