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Attention Deficit Domination
October 2011
Released: 2011, Megaforce Records/Hank3 Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER is just one of four newly released full lengths from Hank3 (Or Hank Williams Jr. III) on his newly founded Hank3 Records.

"In The Camouflage" opens ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER a record that finds Hank3 exploring the doom rock genre. Slow pounding drums, big boomy bass, crunching rhythm guitars and nasally and heavily processed vocals is the best way to describe the sound of this tune. "I Feel Sacrificed" has a nice seventies groove to it. Sabbath-like in nature at times, especially when it comes to the vocal phrasing and delivery. "Make A Fall" is down-tuned bar room boogie woogie swagger in slow motion. Undoubtedly best enjoyed under the dim glow of artificial fluorescent lighting with your favorite toxin/poison of choice (Especially come chorus time with a particularly mind melting guitar solo)

"Livin Beyond Doom" thumps and wallops the listener upside the head like a wet sock full of rocks with it's drawn out and unforgiving crushing brute force. Hank3 is no doubt a multi-talented and multifaceted artist unafraid to delve into all kinds of musical territory (See also: This month's CD review for Cattle Callin) It's worth noting that Hank3 must be quite a fan of the doom metal genre as he really get's it as demonstrated on this track as well as closing number "Goats N Heathens".

All in all, this is a worthwhile release for doom metal enthusiasts who think they have heard everything. You might be pleasantly surprised with this release simply for the fact that although the music stays faithful with what we've come to expect as traditional doom metal; the unconventional vocal approach makes for interesting new terrain.
Track Listing

1. In the Camouflage
2. I Feel Sacrificed
3. Bend
4. Make a Fall
5. Livin' Beyond Doom
6. Demons Mark
7. Aman
8. Get Str8
9. Goats ā€œNā€ Heathans





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