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Inside Your Soul
January 2002
Released: 2001, Rock Brigade
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Man, there is a lot of metal out there and it is a big, big world! Here is another kick-ass metal band that very few people outside of Brazil know about. This is their 2nd CD and it is awesome! There is a lot of raw talent in this band. The driving force is drummer Aquiles Priester, well respected in the metal community has done time in a number of bands and is highly regarded in Brazil.

Hangar present a very professional package with a very attractive computer-generated sci-fi, outer-space theme with cool cosmic skulls worked into the background like Testament used to do. The 16 + page colour booklet is very well done with cool graphics, photos lyrics and so on…a tribute to the overall high quality if the band in everything they do.

Musically this CD is amazing, it has everything I enjoy and fans of classy melodic power-metal enjoy, speedy drumming, blazing solos, passionate vocal delivery all wrapped around pounding heavy songs with innovative riffs. The 12+ minute long “Massacre Trilogy” is a impassioned retelling to the invasion of Brazil although the lyrics are universal about any story of conquest in the days of old. My favorite track is “Legions of Fate” a six minute scorcher with just killer drumming. It is no wonder Aquiles has toured with Paul Dianno and is now in Angra, a truly superb performance. Vocalist Michael cites Michael Kiske as a big influence and you can tell on this CD. He is also classically trained so his voice has great range, power and emotion, a truly great singer.

For a nice overview of some cool rare Brazilian bands click here to check out Thiago’s review of the Brazilian metal version of William Shakepeares, Hamlet. Hangar is on that CD as well. The Brazilian melodic/power metal scene is packed with dozens of newcomers but Hangar have what it takes to be on top.
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