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October 2009
Released: 2009, Theft City Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Something a bit more refreshing here for a change: Hammerhed from the capital area of Finland, loves Pantera, ´80s thrash and heavy metal, hardcore punk and most importantly, doesn´t give the slightest shit about any type of classification of their stuff or how people want to categorize them. They even proclaim to have credibility within their band to obtain some of that street metal aggression that makes them to sound convincing.

So do they sound convincing enough to win another pair of ears for their side? Man, I admit this shit somehow works for me, being a Pantera fan that I once remember to be anyway (everyone loves Pantera´s classic COWBOYS FROM HELL album, right?). So yeah, when spinning through the band´s debut album KILLTRIPPIN´ - over and over again, it´s easy to subscribe to a fair amount of Pantera´s presence in Hammerhed´s sound, too. The grooviness and a certain type of catchiness of the songs are the two keywords for their type of hardcore-ish, dirty and rough grooving metal craziness that carry their songs above the surface - much better than when Titanic took its fateful maiden voyage on April 14th 1912.

Hammerhed definitely has lots of this so-called street credibility on their side music-wise, sounding mean and full of masculine type of anger, and sort of being ready to punch our faces in a split second (like we should try our luck with them in the first place at all, he!). They indeed sound very energetic through each song on KILLTRIPPIN´, piercing through our fancy skins like a lethal injection nail of a drug addict of the worst kind, fearing no tomorrow.

Hammerhed is the kind of band that undoubtedly is able to deliver their goods probably even better live than on a record, just basing my sincere opinion on the songs on this album that are surprisingly aggressive and testosterone-filled by nature already. Songs like “The Will of God”, “Wasted Sympathy” and “Killtrippin´”, are surely meant to break some noses and crush some bones at their relentless gigs, whereas “Play Dead” - with its funnily funk-ish approach, provides a short break for listeners before they start throwing us sauna rocks once again.

Hammerhed´s debut album is a somewhat successful recipe to combine some of Pantera´s magical, classic moments with some true HC/punk attitude and street credibility, added with enough rawness and dirtiness that absolutely belong to this type of – may I even cleverly say, ´kill tripping´, that could fittingly be described their debut album to be all about musically. Be my guest and check them out if any of the aforementioned written lines made you just a little bit curious about them.
Track Listing

01. The Will of God
02. Warbitch
03. Wasted Sympathy
04. Killtrippin´
05. Play Dead
06. Split Second
07. The Core
08. Whore of a Luck
09. No Talk
10. Serpent´s Heart


Pena Pentinen - Vocals
Petteri Hirvanen - Guitar
Rude Rothstén - Bass
Grandy Räsänen - Drums

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