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April 2014
Released: 2014, SPV/Steamhammer
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Hammercult is a confident, brash new metal collective, and rightfully so. Ever since vocalist Yakir Shochat formed the group back in 2010, the band has been on a very busy upward trajectory. Starting with winning the 2011 Wacken Metal Battle, the band has gone on to put out an E.P. and their full-length debut (2012’s ANTHEMS OF THE DAMNED). Obviously, it’s been a wild ride for the band so far and with obvious youthful enthusiasm on their side, you can’t help but be a fan. The band recently unleashed their second album, STEELCRUSHER, so let’s see what they’ve offered up.

The band describe themselves as a mix between old Running wild an Kreator, and there’s definitely that old-school thrashing ethic in their sound. I would add that they’ve got a very strong black ‘n roll streak to their music (think Impaled Nazarene), but with a boozier vibe. Whatever you want to call it, call it FAST, because STEECRUSHER rips by at 200 MPH (or KPM for my Canadian brethren). Every single song is a full-on speed assault, and before you can catch your breath from one song, Shochat’s blackened rasp is haranguing you into the next one. The band is talented enough to force feed you catchy riffs, almost in spite of themselves, and nowhere is that more true than the one-two punch of “Into Hell” and “We Are the People”. Both of these songs inject much need melody and memorable riffs into the attack, with the result being the two best tracks on the album. If the band keeps on writing songs likes these, they have the potential to go very far indeed.

However, like many speed-obsessed albums, everything starts to bleed together after a while, making the album sound like a fast-paced mash-up of random riffs. There certainly are songs that stand above the crowd, like the aforementioned pair and “Satanic Lust”, but it becomes more difficult to pick out favorites as the album goes on.

Still, there is a ton of quality music to be heard over this album’s near 43 minutes, and this band obviously has enthusiasm to spare. It makes me hopeful for their future, for sure. No matter what, speed freaks will love this one.
Track Listing

1. Hymn to Steel
2. Steelcrusher
3. Metal Rules Tonight
4. Into Hell
5. We Are the People
6. Burning the Road
7. Ironbound
8. Unholy Art
9. Satanic Lust
10. Liar
11. Damnation Arise
12. Heading for War
13. In the Name of the Fallen


Yakir Shochat: Vocals
Arie Aranovich: Guitar
Guy Ben David: Guitar
Elad Manor: Bass
Maayan Henik: Drums



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