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Hallows Eve
Evil Never Dies
October 2006
Released: 2006, Xtreem Music
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I basically hate comebacks. Comebacks of all those bands who once used to be so great musically in the past (like Hallows Eve), releasing killer albums one after another (like Hallows Eve – damn, TALES OF TERROR and DEATH AND INSANITY are both fuckin´ classics!!) – and overall proving to be worth of keeping a discuss open constantly for them (like Hallows Eve), and then turning out be worthless attempts to live up to the past days of their glories, having no real purpose or goal for reasoning why on earth this or that comeback could be worth of your or my time. Comebacks whose purposes you tend to question for many reasons, and whose purposes go beyond your understanding (like Hallows Eve´s).

Even if a goal-orientated thinking isn´t allowed in many cases as far as comebacks are concerned, in spite of that bands do get reformed again - and yes, shitty comeback albums are get released (like Hallows Eve´s latest effort, EVIL NEVER DIES).

EVIL NEVER DIES is, unfortunately, a (pretty) damn worthless comeback album from the Hallows Eve –camp; an unsuccessfully put together mishmash of different metal styles from Death Metal to Speed Metal to Thrash Metal to some traditional metal and even Black Metal, which has simply NOTHING to do with that Hallows Eve some of us used to know back in the day. Not funny. E.N.D. was originally released as a self-financed album by the band and one shouldn´t wonder a bit after giving it a spin, why no one was interested in releasing the album first. Well, there´s a song called “Vampires Drink Deep” on E.N.D., which is actually pretty good for what it is – a strongly Death Metal –flavored song, but it doesn´t sound like Hallows Eve at all which is a real pity.

You would have been better to stick to your old guns if you have left the arena with pride and want to achieve that pride back again in the same arena in front of your fans when you at least knew what things you were respected and hailed for. That´s what Hallows Eve never did on E.N.D. anyway. What a shame. Let E.N.D. be the final END for Hallows Eve because E.N.D. is R.I.P.
Track Listing

01. Soldier
02. Monkey's Paw
03. Technicolour Roadkill
04. Looking Glass
05. Sweetest Tongue, Sharpest Tooth
06. Interlude
07. Vampires Drink Deep
08. Evil Never Dies (including Black Queen)
09. The Ballad of Mortuary Harry


Tommy Stewart - Lead vocals, bass
Dane Jensen - Drums
Jon Kilgore - Guitar
Brandon Ottinger - Guitar

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