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Hour of Penance
May 2003
Released: 2002, Xtreem Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Holy entrails of the desecrated slut Virgin Mary…!!! Italian has never been that known as a Death Metal country, like say Germany for example, but that is probably to change soon if these grandeur bastard blasphemers from the land of pizza, pasta and a great wine can work out somewhat as a perfect proof about that. Damn, this Italian foursome knows precisely how to make gut-wrenching and ripping Death Metal that is so captivating and slaying that it´s hard to turn your head away from it. Indeed, Hour of Penance is most probably the best newcomer out of the Italian metal scene that I have managed to hear for a while. Their brand of Death Metal is simply thoroughly a very hammering yet convincingly crushing stuff right from the very first seconds to the last seconds of the album. It hits you like a ten ton hammer… not once, not even twice, but a dozen of times and you even beg for more.

I don´t know whether it´s rude and unjustified to say, but Hour of Penance could rightfully be considered the ultimate European answer to Nile musically; and luckily not conceptually, however. Their music reminds me a great deal of Nile with many furious blast beats, some beautifully devastating riffages, Karl Sanders type of a deep bellowing, rapid and grinding, a bit of Deicid´ish solo attacks, fantastic tempo changes, etc. The members of Hour of Penance seem to be incredible and very talented musicians, and you can tell almost right away by listening the songs off DISTURBANCE that these fellows definitely love playing this type of brutal Death Metal straight from their hearts. There´s no way that I could describe their music any better way for all of you; you simply have to check this absolutely killer over-the-top Death Metal band out by yourself in order to believe my shameless words about them. The band´s sound is overall a very American –sounding as far as their brutally superb and virgin-tight Death Metal goes. For all Nile – and why not Hate Eternal –fans, too, Hour of Penance will surely be added to the very top of their shopping lists. If I can predict the future a little bit for Hour of Penance, first off, I could say DISTURBANCE will be one of the most welcomed European Death Metal albums in 2003 without a doubt. Secondly, I strongly believe in the very same breath that they are going to be the next big ´hit´ in the extreme metal scene if promoted well enough by their current label Xtreem Records. I would not wonder at all if their debut album was sold a few ten thousands albums this year worldwide. They would deserve it more than anything, absolutely!!

Since Immolation´s outstandingly brilliant UNHOLY CULT, Hour of Penance´s debut has impressed me mostly in this on-going year. If I said something else, I would be lying, most probably. Great… great fuckin´stuff in here!!
Track Listing

01. Der Zorn Gottes
02. Rise and Oppress
03. Mystification as Law
04. From Hate to Suffering
05. Inhaling Disbelief
06. N.E.M.A.
07. Spires
08. Soul Addicted
09. Dawn of Cerberus
10. Blood Tribute


Mike – Bass & vocals
Enrico – Guitar
Francesco – Guitar
Mauro - Drums

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