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Horizons Edge
Horizons Edge
January 2015
Released: 2014, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Australia has always been a small but powerful stronghold for traditional and classic Metal and another warrior has joined the fight. Horizon’s Edge from Melbourne have just released their self-titled debut album.

The independently produced disc is a decent production with a cool and ominous cover art depicting a axe-wielding warrior overlooking over the edge of the horizon (get it?) at a lunar eclipse of some sort. It’s just a two-page booklet with notes and such and a photo of the band. In terms of ‘sonic’ production values, HORIZONS EDGE is solid, perhaps a little bit thin but the mix is good and the vocals are sitting nicely in the mix.

The vocals of Kat are solid and she certainly has a very unique voice. It is not a classical, soprano style like many of the gothic, symphonic bands, not is it gruff like some of the modern Metal bands fronted by women. She sings in a high register and with power (and I hope she can forgive me) but at first I thought it might be a very pitched male singing. She does a good job.

The songs run in the 5-7 minute range and cover any number of Metal themed topics such has quests and serpents and flying and so forth. The band sits nice on the verge of Power Metal and classic Metal. You can hear some nice Iron Maiden influence with some of the bass-lines. The keyboards are a little farther back and not really used as a lead instrument, but more of an accent. I found to my ears, the album got stronger as the album went on with the heavier, faster songs back-loaded in the track sequence. The album finishes with a good one-two punch of ‘Kings Will Rise’ and ‘Quest for Vengeance’. The band also recruited Danny Cecati (Eyefear, ex-Pagezus) for some guest vocals on one of my favourite tracks ‘Serpent’, and it is not my favourite just because he is on it.

HORIZONS EDGE fight the good fight with a stand-up collection of straight-ahead Metal. While not quite at the elite levels of perhaps Dragonsclaw or Bane Of Winterstorm, Horizon’s Edge are very solid and their debut is very promising and enjoyable.
Track Listing

1. World to Come
2. Learning to Fly
3. Serpent
4. Strength Within
5. Horizons Edge
6. Undying Lands
7. King Will Rise
8. Quest for Vengeance


Noel McConnell Bass
Andy Sharp Drums
Dominic Todorov Guitar
Eddy Grosso Guitar
Campbell Hill Keyboards
Kat Sproule Vocals

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