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Homicide Hagridden
Dead Black Sun
December 2002
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: The Punishment Due

Homicide Hagridden is a currently unsigned Italian thrash metal band, with the core of the band being Steo and Max Moda. The best way to describe them would be a mixture of SYMBOLIC era Death and mid era Slayer. The riffing is fast and very aggressive, with lots of nice licks and riff/tempo changes, and some really good solos. The riffing is quite like Slayer ala SEASONS IN THE ABYSS and DIVINE INTERVENTION, as well as the vocalist sounding extremely similar to Tom Araya. I hear some Death influence in the way that Chuck wrote songs with solid, progressive riffing patterns that build into sudden stop-start blasts of energy and aggression with riffs that make you headbang so much that your head almost disconnects from your shoulders.

The guitar tone is not typical of thrash metal – it’s very heavy and fuzzy, but it’s not bad at all. The production is good, but not super clean. The music is very audible but raw at the same time. The lead play is very good, especially on the second song “Arena’s Sky.” The drumming is very good too, and the snare has a very raw sound off it, like hitting a garbage can.

It’s difficult though to pin them to any one particular style though. Each of the four tracks are quite different from each other, and I’m not sure if the band know what direction they want to continue in. I would like to think that they would find their own individual style too, because each song is quite reminiscent of bands I’ve heard before, stretching beyond Slayer and Death - I hear some Sepultura and Kreator in their music too. Overall though, it’s a good effort and enjoyable listen. I’d like to see them get signed some day soon, because they definitely have the potential to go places.
Track Listing



Max Moda (vocals / guitar)
Dave Ruo Roch (bass)
Steo Monda (drums)

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