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Hiroshima Will Burn
To The Weight of All Things
March 2010
Released: 2009, Lacerated Enemy Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Here´s a young band from Australia who seem be going crazy about showing their skills in a mindless wankery of zillions of riffs hitting death metal act (well, maybe some exaggeration in the aforementioned line, but I guess you got the picture anyway, didn´t you?). The band is called Hiroshima Will Burn, and the band´s debut album (and sadly last, too), titled TO THE WEIGHT OF ALL THINGS, was released on a Czech label Lacerated Enemy Records last year. The band has already split up due to some personal reasons the band went through in 2009.

However, TO THE WEIGHT OF ALL THINGS, represents the kind of technically very advanced, modern death metal that you can expect to hear from bands like Obscura, The Faceless, Origin, Necrophagist and the like, churning out from their own death metal mills. The guys really demand some concentration from the listeners of this album as there´s nothing easy song structure-wise on the record at all. It´s all very well crafted, and as it appears every single note has been thought out very carefully; at least from the point of a passionate death metal musician anyway who kind of wants to surprise himself/herself every time when he/she grabs an instrument to his/her hands, and starts playing this type of technical craziness. The guys in Hiroshima Will Burn (the band name has apparently caused some controversy in the media, I assume) are pretty darn amazing in what they have created within their record; a sonic multi-orgasm of intellectually flowing cavalcade of modern death metal that surely is meant to drop some jaws completely wide open - just no doubts about that.

Then again, it´s no denying either this stuff isn´t for everyone, and sometimes when listening to their highly technical, challenging, breath-taking – and partly even jazzy and strongly progressive-tinged death metal, it simply becomes too much to handle in one go. Obviously the most ideal target group for this kind of stuff is all those hungry musicians who are keen on hitting 170 notes within one minute, and even go beyond that if necessary.

Like this kind of stuff? Then get this album for yourself. I bet you´ll hardly regret it.
Track Listing

01. Methodical Disfigurement
02. In Voluptate Mors
03. Enigmatic Consumption
04. Laberinto
05. Martyrium
06. Defilement
07. Ad Pondus Omnium
08. The Black Death


Brodie Glare - Vocals
Anthony Melbourne - Vocals
Tyrone Burke - Guitar
Armarin Saengsri - Guitar
Anthony Mar - Bass
Josh Reynolds - Drums

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