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July 2002
Released: 2002, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

No, this is not the legendary Holocaust. This HoloCHaust is from Finland, a new band who has just released their second demo. The first, VALLEY OF MISERY, came out last year and the band has worked hard on new music to get this new disc out. Now, admittedly I haven’t heard too much from the older, more legendary Holocaust, but from what I have heard, the bands share more than just similar names. Reason being that this demo has a definite old-school 80s feel to it, in that rough-and-tumble NWOBHM kind of way. It’s kinda cool to hear metal like this in this day and age.

Only a scant three songs (plus intro), the disc is over quickly. First song is “Holocaust”, a thrashy rocker that is really catchy. The song embodies what this band is all about: pure, stripped-down heavy metal! Excellent stuff.

The second song is the slightly more mid-paced “Guilty of Greed” where the whole band shows off their harmonic abilities during the bridge and chorus. While the vocals aren’t perfect, they are well done, and this is an area that the band could definitely explore in the future. The guitar picking in this song reminds me a bit of Iced Earth in some of their better moments.

The disc ends with the slow ballad “Sad Life Philosophy”. While it’s an OK song, it is not as good as the other two. I hear a Metallica influence in this song, recalling their ballads like “Unforgiven” and “Nothing Else Matters”. Vocalist Doomer also sounds like Hetfield on this song. Not bad, but not great either. The band is clearly better at writing metal anthems rather than the slow stuff.

I could really see a band like Holochaust putting on a kickass tour with another young band like Spiritus Mortis (reviewed last month). Hey, both bands are from Finland, so why the hell not?

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