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...And Say Goodbye To The World
January 2005
Released: 2004, Independent
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

This Italian band has been pounding the pavement since 1996 but their latest demo, …AND SAY GOODBYE TO THE WORLD, shows why they have not progressed further than they have. Fabio Binarelli's incredibly bad lead vocals (and even worse backing vocals) are only worsened by the tired power metal riffs and horrendous production (yes, even for a demo, this is BAD).

“Two” is not a bad song per se, but Gianni Miccinesi is NOT a singer. Whoever is singing background vocals should have his vocal cords removed to save the world from further infliction. The title track is a decent thrasher but the hollow drums echo what Metallica spent millions on to make ST. ANGER sound like. The solo isn’t half bad and some good thrash riffs are present but the ghastly vocals ruin any hope for this track. “Hungry (For Blood)” is the best of the bunch (I guess good things do come to those who wait) but the band seems to have added some background vocal effect that almost distorts the lead vocal to become completely inaudible. The sound of a jet taking off and someone trying to imitate Rob Halford circa PAINKILLER have also inexplicably found their way into the mix...

I hate to rain on anyone’s parade and I welcome any demo from an up and coming band but unless Holyland get some lessons and ditch that God-awful vocalist, they will never rise above being a struggling Italian garage band.
Track Listing

1. Two
2. ...And Say Goodbye To The World
3. Hungry (For Blood)


Gianni Miccinesi--Vocals
Fabio Binarelli—Guitar
Jacopo Bittoni—Guitar
Tomasso Dettori—Bass
Massimiliano Puccio—Keyboards
Massimo Sozzi—Drums

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