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Deus Diaoblis Inversus
May 2003
Released: 2002, Black Lotus
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It is time for a little round-up of some of the release from late 2002 on the respected Greek label, Black Lotus. Known for championing extreme styles over the years they have unleashed another four releases which I will touch on each briefly. They include new discs by The Duskfall, Scent of Flesh, Greek Black Metal super-group Thou Art Lord and the return of Horrified! To learn more about this label and it’s quality stable of extreme artists visit

Horrified are quite legendary in the Greek death Metal underground having been one of the pioneers as early as 1990 with demos like ‘Prophecy of Gore’. I had never heard the band myself but saw the name and heard the praise.

Their output was sporadic with CD’s in 1993 and 1998 and then again in late 2002. This may be the CD that gets them a bit more mainstream attention. Black Lotus is giving them the international push they need to reach a wider, but still underground audience.

The label also helped with financing a good recording with the help of Fredrik Nordstrom.

We get a dark design and layout with lyrics, and several very artistic and creepy photos of the three piece including the dude (probably Gore, the vocalist) in a shameless rip-off of Hannibal Lecter, suit, mask and all. Lyrically the words are well above average I felt for this extreme style, haunting poetic and dark avoiding clichés of gore and demons. This surprised me as I was expected a fairly conventional presentation of violence and death.

Horrified have fully embraced many modern musical ideas and present them flair and originality. For example there are hints of Death Metal and Doom Metal and even progressive thrash in parts, sometimes in the same song. Many of the songs have an ambient feel, open and atmospheric and a slower tempo and simple rhythms. This is not surprising as Stavros and Thanos have worked with rotting Christ and Nightfall two bands that are quite avante-garde and on the leading edge of the genre.

At times there are all sorts of things thrown into the mix. For example the short haunting cut ‘Selenes and Endymions Son’ has what sounds like kettle drums with a whispered narration, tortured screams, a female vocals and some moody keyboard work and nothing else. It leads into the song ‘Ascending Path’ another somber cut with screams interspersed with a very melodic solo component that is fluid and understated. This ominous song has the sound of a baby crying and eventually ends with some double-kick work. Good stuff!

This is not what I expected but it is also better than I expected. To learn more visit
Track Listing

1. Deus Diabolus Inversus
2. Battle of the Serpents Within
3. Requiem for a Caged Lust
4. Selenes and Endymions Son
5. Ascending Path: A Star Child is Born
6. Aphorism
7. Monolith: Test,Teach Transform
8. Once Upon A Time
9. The Seven Gifts of Sin
10. Doberman
11. Incects
12. Avatar of the Age of Hours
13. Argentum Astrum


Gore: Vocals



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