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Iron Clad Soldiers
October 2009
Released: 2009, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Need a wildly rockin´ and thrashing ´party band´ from Norway for heavy drinking sessions and for many other liquid-oozing Saturday nights? Hjallarhorn could work out just as that. Their label wants to label them as a heavy/thrash band, but I think there´s a little bit more in them than just that. Add some relentless, rock-driven riffing ála Motörhead in, and spice it all with a crazy punk-ish attitude - and you pretty much have Hjallarhorn.

Prior to their debut album, IRON CLAD SOLDIERS, the band had released 3 demos and managed to create quite a big buzz around them, especially in their hometown Oslo. I can clearly imagine myself at one of their gigs, holding a beer can, a bit drunk and squeezing the ass of some unknown woman in front of me while trying to watch their gig, not giving a shit whether she was there with her so wonderful boyfriend or not. A ´party-like´ metal music can sometimes do the strangest of things to humans, uh!

IRON CLAD SOLDIERS, with its 9 rockin´ and thrashin´ metal songs, is quite a lot of fun to listen to. Pure, honest and straight rocking metal, that isn´t even meant to excite any bigger thoughts or deeper analysis in anyone´s head. It´s good and friendly violent fun that puts the smile back to your face (even a twisted one) and gives you a handful of excuses to do some crazy things in your life that you would never even consider doing (oh shit, that fuckin´ lady hit me really hard, like a man actually. Let me suffer now, uh-yeah!).

So, throw your brains out from the window and start cranking up some Hjallarhorn stuff - preferably with loud, neighbor-disturbing volumes, and let´s see where it all may lead to eventually, ok? ;o)
Track Listing

01. Battle of Repulsion
02. Iron Clad Soldier
03. Brigade
04. Blood and Black Lace
05. The Changeling
06. The Horn
07. Scathed and Torn
08. Eye of the Storm
09. The Machinist


Dani Nilsen - Vocals & guitar
Martin Krogh - Guitar
Jonas Eid - Bass
Kjetil Krogvold - Drums

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