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Rising from the Hidden Spheres
October 2006
Released: 2006, Xtreem Music
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Ah, the Swedish sounding Death Metal of the late 80´s and early ´90s, with bands like Dismember, Nihilist/Entombed, Nirvana 2000, Grave, Macabre End, Grotesque, Macrodex, etc. – just to name a few, leading this particular ´revolution´ in the Heavy Metal music in general – how could we possibly forget those golden times? I guess we can´t – and there´s actually no reason why we should. Many of us still love those times like they were the only times we felt strongly moved by something in metal music for a long time –and some of us have obviously got stuck tightly with those times forever; actually so tightly that they feel like this tradition must be continued for all those reasons people feel right for themselves – and for themselves only.

Italian Horrid, this foursome from Varese, which is a city in northern Italy, has surely been possessed by the early Swedish movement of Death Metal; so much that one could easily mistake them as a Swedish Death Metal band from the classic ´90s era when listening to the band´s 2nd full-length album - and thinking, why he/she has missed this band from the Swedish Death Metal scene if even he/she has been a die-hard fan of that particular scene in question since such names as Nihilist, Carnage, Treblinka, etc. first started popping up from the depths of cellars back in those days.

What Horrid do on RISING, is simply rehashing with the 90´s Swedish Death Metal sound, keeping their sound faithful and very similar to some of the Swedish masters of Death Metal - and in fact, managing indeed to sound like some of their main sources of inspiration. But then it needs to be asked what´s so cool about it then? Well, don´t look at me as I don´t know – this thing has been done and experienced so many times before over and over again (and better), so it does very little for me at least. Namely if I wanted to throw myself into a nostalgic mood for some old school Swedish sounding Death Metal, then I most probably would go and dig up some of those Swedish Death Metal records out from my collection that got released at that time when this specific sound was still very hot amongst the metal community, and that later became some of the most essential releases of the whole Death Metal genre. You surely know of what albums I´m talking about here, right? There´s nothing wrong with Horrid for keeping the spirit alive for some brutal and heavy Swedish sounding Death Metal from that ´90s era – all the respect for them for doing so, but I still find their stuff quite uninteresting, and sadly uninspired even. Give me LIKE AN EVERFLOWING STREAM any time over this, and I feel strongly connected with some nostalgic times again.
Track Listing

01. Nothing Lives Forever
02. Rising from the Hidden Spheres
03. From Here to Eternity
04. Come to Me
05. Feeling Hate
06. Redemption and Lies
07. Harmonic Devastation
08. Outro


Robert - Vocals
Belfagor - Guitar
Max - Bass
Matt - Drums

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