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Horizon Ablaze
March 2014
Released: 2014, Aural Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Norwegian Horizon Ablaze consists of members from well-known acts such as 1349, Absu and Blood Red Throne. There you have it; a bunch of Norwegians already known for their footprints in the extreme metal scene in Norway. For what it´s worth this could just be another “one of those records” where the influences melt together and ends out in something that is already heard before.

In this case it seems more of a playground for the members to let their hair even more loose and play around with the genres. Yes, even a bit of jazz makes its way onto the tune, “Dømt til Frihet”

Horizon Ablaze steps away from the black metal and embraces the death metal with wide open arms. It quickly becomes a muddy mess of pitching and growling vocals, heavy riffs that never really lingers and old school black metal beats that does not really compliment the music. It all just becomes a blur and for the restless soul this record is not a wise choice.

The music does not wanna connect with its audience and only fans of extreme metal in all its glory should take an interest in Horizon Ablaze´s second album. For fans of the members other bands this might be a bit of disappointment.

Review By Ellen Norvang
Track Listing

01. Nekrosis
02. Leviatan
03. Fordømt
04. Håpløs
05. Dømt til Frihet
06. Skjærsild
07. Der Untergang
08. Svarte Flammers Aske
09. Avskjed


Stian Quist Ruethemann
Kevin Kvåle
Andrè Kvebek
Ole Bent Madsen
Shandy Mckay

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