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Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus)
December 2014
Released: 2014, Ketzer Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The south American scene, from my experience, has produced a lot of great extreme bands - Vulcano, Krisiun to name a couple but How many black metal bands can you list from Colombia? Not many if any, right? Horncrowned are Colombian, anti-christian black metal band and their latest offering 'Defanatus' may just help the Colombian black metal scene becom a more prolific entity.

'Defanatus', boasting an impressive line-up behind the scenes with Enthroned's Phorgath, begins with an eerie intro, only to burst into life with 'EXTINCTION’S APOTHEOSIS'a showcase of aggression, excellent riffing and storming black metal drum pounding. The following few tracks play by the same rules. It's fast, frantic and brimming with energy. There's more than a passing resemblance to the aforementioned Vulcano as well as more modern bands such as 1349. The focus of the album is clearly to deliver the most brutal and ferocious black metal Horncrowned can deliver and they've certainly achieved that. There's absolutely no down time during the album's 47 minutes. As a result of that, some of the later tracks on 'Defanatus' become less memorable.

Overall, 'Defanatus' is a great album by an up and coming black metal band who are looking to establish themselves further in the scene. Horncrowned have created an unrelenting and furious album here and have made waves by performing with such bands as Marduk, Vital Remains and Dark Funeral and 'Defanatus' with it's impressive production and well crafted tracks will surely make the band grow to much loftier heights.

Review By Andy Taylor
Track Listing

1- Intro (Opus Satanam)
2- Extinction's Apothesis (Finis Orbis Christiani)
3- Christ's devotees genocide (Sescenti Sedecim)
4- Horned Liberator(Vicarius Filii Diaboli)
5- Harassment (Inferos Viam)
6- Har Meggido Nikh (Expuens in Sanguine Agni)
7- Worship Of The seven-headed beast (Caper Nigra Cultum)
8- Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus)
9- Charred Shrines (Baptismus Ignis)
10- Malign & Perverse (Antichristus Rex)
11- Quenchless Ignition (Missa Concrematio)
12- OUTRO (Aevum In Hircum)


Demongoat - Guitar/vocals
Bifrons - Drums
Ar'taqof - Bass
Bsk - Guitar

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