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Horned God
November 2003
Released: 2003, Listenable Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

There must be something really ´extreme´, ´wicked´ and even ´unusual´ in the blood system of those Brazilian metal warriors nowadays. Have you noticed the very same thing yourself possibly? I mean, in a pure brutality and extremity of metal music, they are pretty damn unbeatable and unmatched people after all. Just think about all those bands that have been rising from the Brazilian territory since the late of the ´80s up to this very day. From the ´80s we were introduced such extreme groups Sepultura, Sarcophago, Korzus, Vulcano, Chakal, Psychic Possessor, MX, Holocausto, etc. as the first Brazilian extreme Death Metal wave – and after that we have become aware of even more extreme Death Brazilian Metal acts, such bands as Krisiun, Rebaelliun, Torture Squad, Murder Rape, Abhorrence, Ophiolaltry, Ancestral Malediction, etc. leading the way in the 22nd Century Anno Bastardi.

And the newest addition to that ever-growing list of Brazilian extreme Death Metal bands absolutely is Horned God that in many way, follow the once started Brazilian (!) traditions to sound as ´extreme´ as possible. And not a slightest doubt, they do succeed in that particular territory extremely well, sounding very much like many of their land mates from Krisiun to Rebaelliun to Abhorrence to the likes, pounding their metal loudly and ruthlessly through the album, all of the 35-minutes in it. There´s neither anything new in their sound nor the relentless Horned God –dudes are re-inventing the steel once again. This particular madness that these Brazilian Death mongers unleash on CHAOS, BRINGER OF..., is basically a full-out Death Metal attack in the 2003 –fashion; full of blast beats, mercilessly churned out ear-shredding riffs, absolutely mind-wrecking solo outbursts, an unbearable heaviness and an unmatching brutality that only a few bands are capable of bringing into their albums nowadays. Damn... Horned God has a nice tendency to hurt you by getting totally wicked in such songs for example as “War Goes on”, “The Sheathed Sword”, “Envenomed to Survive” and “Satan isn´t the Enemy of Men”. It is really hard to dislike them if you happen to be a fan of a more extreme side of Metal. I sure know I am and would probably have given 4 full horns up for their debut if the drum sound had been more in the surface in the final mix.

Otwerwise, I cannot do much else, but recommend Horned God to all extreme metal fans wholeheartedly. Another cool signing on Listenable´s killer roster. Hell in-fuckin´-deed!!
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. War Goes on
03. The Sheathed Sword
04. Envenomed to Survive
05. Calling Upon the 4 Spirits of Knowledge
06. Chaos, Bringer of All Revelations
07. Satan Isn´t the Enemy of Men
08. Slimy Embrio
09. March to the Horned Ones
10. Bloodshed (The Wisdom of Victory)


Erico – Vocals
Hudy – Guitars
Fabiano Penna – Guitars
Angelo – Bass
Bruno – Drums

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