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Hordes of the Morning Star
Consummatum Est
July 2012
Released: 2012, Metalhit
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Nothing starts an album better than an onslaught of filthy, grinding guitars and pummelling drum beats interspaced with gloomy beat downs, in fact it is such a good thing that there should be copious amounts of it, so much that it fills an album.

Whilst most of us are cursing our bad fortune having missed out on this ‘genius’ brainwave, Hordes of the Morning Star are lavishing in their good fortune, releasing their latest offering Consummatum Est on the world. From start to finish it is chock-full of riff after punishing riff. So gruelling are these riffs that they all seem to merge into one 35 minute ear-bleedingly monotonous blur of a riff.

It is obvious what the Texans were going for, the kind of apocalyptic bomb blast that bands like 1349 unleash so well, but Hordes of the Morning Star are more like a Christmas cracker with a predictable joke inside than an atom bomb. It would seem hard to get such a primal torrent of noise wrong, but their first full-length is rather bland, their vision somewhat obscured in their quest for an uncompromisingly brutal sound.

Review by Sam McKavanagh
Track Listing

To Sire a Slave
Cut My Throat and Bury Me
Carrion Throne


R- Bass, Guitars
L – Drums, Backing Vocals
J – Guitars, Vocals

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