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The End’s Façade
May 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Estonia as a country, is not only known for its beautiful women, great landscapes and cheap beer, but also a strong metal scene which this 6-piece death metal Horricane is a clear proof from.

Dear ladies and gentlemen - boys and girls, here come Horricane´s achievements so far in a nutshell: Winning the 1st position in an indie/demo category in the famous Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles in 2005 yearly chart by their demo THE LYNCH-LAWYERS´ DEATH SQUAD, reaching the 1st position in their home country Estonia as ´The Best Metal Release Of The Year´ in 2006, getting neither promotion nor support from Black Mark for that aforementioned album in question - and finally being brave enough to release their second album, THE END´S FACADE, due to a painful experience with Black Mark. So, something good - and something bad has happened to them so far, but let´s however continue things that go under ´something good´ this time.

Speaking of goodness just a bit more, THE END´S FACADE represents that ´something good´ in terms of a strong and convincing execution of songs that introduce Horricane as a mid-paced death metal band, with a slight experimental touch sticking out from their sound every now and then. It´s also quite obvious that many of you will hear an instant Morbid Angel´s influence in Horricane´s basic sound, but they are luckily still relatively far away for being considered as a straight Morbid Angel rip-off act. And now when Morbid Angel´s name was mentioned, it needs to be mentioned that the band´s vocalist, who uses a nickname Erx, sounds a lot like David Vincent (Morbid Angel), added with Jan-Chris De Koeijer´s (Gorefest) deep and guttural death grunts. The songs are extremely heavy throughout on this follow-up album of theirs; a combination of down-tuned bass and two guitars, create a quite crushingly heavy backbone for Erx´s deep, bowel-shaking death grunts. Keyboard and some sample parts within their songs - and sort of experimenting with them, bring the songs somewhat nicely out from the standard and known norm of sounding your average death metal act only - giving Horricane some flavor of uniqueness and originality - and simply separating them from the masses for their own good. All the 7 songs are actually quite impressive for what they are - full of bulldozer-type of heaviness and all-covering brutality.

Horricane´s version done from "Rain (Samael song, taken from their 1996 PASSAGE album)" as the last song on the record, also turns out to be a successful attempt to make it to sound a bit like a Horricane tune, still respecting the original structure of the song as much as it can be possible to keep it recognizable as a Samael song. Good job from them on that.

So, is this worth checking album, may some of you ask? Yes, absolutely.
Track Listing

01. Civilizations Collide
02. Chromatic Zone
03. The End’s Façade
04. The Devil Hides in the Fumes
05. Aviophobic Fluid State
06. Perimeter of Hate
07. Psychotic Rage
08. Rain*

* Samael cover


ERX - Vocals
ANZ - Guitar
WRZ - Guitar
VX - Bass
MDX - Drums
DZDZ - Keys

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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