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Hot Buttered Anal
January 2009
Released: 2008, Spare Change Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Bruce Sanchez

With a name like Hot Buttered Anal and lyrics about every type of abuse imaginable, one has to wonder, “What the hell is going on in Rhode Island?” Well, whatever it is, HBA brings to the world its second effort, LIES.

Hot Buttered Anal definitely graduated from the University of S.O.D. Their songs rarely reach over the 3 minute mark, and vocalist Bob does his best to imitate Billy Milano. Bob also takes a cue from Mike Patton’s zanier moments in Faith No More. Musically the group sounds like the bastard child of the aforementioned S.O.D., FNM, and Primus, peppered with some punk. “The Good Ol’ Days”, a ‘tribute’ to incest, is the best representative of a standalone punk song. I never thought I’d ever be in a position to write that previous sentence, but HBA seems fond of putting its audience in all sorts of uncomfortable and awkward positions.

The band really stands out when they break from form and go acoustic. “Everything Sucks” comes across as the most genuine track on the album. While the lyrics are still humorous, it captures the essence of what HBA is about: a group that is completely disenfranchised with humanity. And with the subject matter they discuss they are rightfully so. The other great acoustic number is “Once Upon A Time”. Possibly the highlight of the album, this song comes from the perspective of a boy who is tormented and bullied lyrically avoiding the normal clichés. The song keeps a constant groove and the chorus is incredibly catchy.

I wish I could say I laughed all throughout the album. But I didn’t. I get what HBA is doing. They’re like that artist that pushes the envelope and causes controversy. But they’re not causing controversy for the sake of being controversial. They’re 100% honest in their approach and that’s what keeps HBA’s condemnation of humanity, LIES, understandable and disturbingly relatable. If you’re into a tongue-in-cheek approach to the taboo, then this is definitely worth a listen.
Track Listing

1. We’re Not Retarded
2. Lies
3. Just Try It
4. Choke The Bitch
5. Time Is The Enemy
6. I Want A Girl
7. No One Left
8. Duct Tape And Sausages
9. Allegro-Sib-Bone
10. The Good Ol’ Days
11. Everything Sucks
12. Daddy’s Little Girl
13. World’s Greatest Dad
14. Dear God
15. Once Upon A Time
16. Where Are The Zombies
17. When I Come


Bob Cocks – Guitar/Vocals
Chris Cornhole – Drums/Background Vocals
Ziggy Drynuts – Bass

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