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Hordes of Nebulah
...And Blasphemous Night Shall Fall
February 2009
Released: 2008, Abyss Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Bruce Sanchez

Hordes of Nebulah is an Indiana based band signed to Abyss Records. “…AND BLASPHEMOUS NIGHT SHALL FALL” was originally released in 2004, but is now available once again. They are clearly influenced by true Norwegian black metal since they spell Nebula with an “h”—that’s probably the most interesting thing on this album.

There’s a shrieking sound in the background of “Dark Malediction” that is unnecessary and annoying, staying under the song throughout. The screams at the beginning of “Awash in the Blood of My Enemies” are unbearable, but that could mostly be the blame of the substandard recording quality. Yet it just keeps going, like a big middle finger to your ear drums that can’t handle the brutality of the black rawness. I’ll admit, the riff under is actually pretty good because it has a bit of groove to it, but the scream ruin it. Overall, the guitar tones are horrible— too much gain and buzz. Sometimes the melodic tremolo picking parts are nice, but then the singer decides he needs to be in there so he starts screaming like Satan just stuck a finger up his ass and the brief moment of decency is shattered. “And Death I Leave with You” is a nice number that has a very folk feel to it with a marching beat; it really breaks up the monotony of it all.

Since it’s a re-release, there are a slew of bonus tracks added. But the transistor radio quality of those tracks really don’t help.
Track Listing

1. The Cold Infernal Presence
2. On The Night of Wind and Storm
3. Black Canonization
4. A Dark Malediction
5. Awash in the Blood of My Enemies
6. Moontide
7. When The Sun Was Bled of its Light
8. And Death I Leave With You

Bonus Tracks
9. In the Purity of My Hatred
10. Reign of Impiety
11. Subhuman Annihilation
12. For Even Victors By Victory Are Undone
13. Descent
14. We Are of the Ancients
15. The Heroes of Hell


Wirilome - Vocals
Zahgurim - Bass/Drums/Vocals
Saprphyt - Guitar
Athastrus - Guitar

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