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Horde of Anachron
Aeons of Damnation
November 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Horde of Anachron, this malicious and blasphemous sounding quintet hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, have finally reached a point in their career in which the band´s debut album simply screams to be released.

Carrying the title AEONS OF DAMNATION, and having Dan Seagrave´s artwork, Horde of Anachron´s twist for death, black and thrash metal (or blackened death/thrash metal – you decide) comes out as punishing, mean and violent as expected. The band has actually a lot in common with some other hordes of this blackened death/thrash genre (Tyrant´s Blood, Order From Chaos, Angelcorpse, Gospel of the Horns, Spearhead and the like) that loyally and devotedly raise the flag for their unrelenting, apocalyptic manifestations the best they can. Horde of Anachron isn´t really an exception to that rule either; they come and wipe out its listeners like a hellish firestorm – only leaving charred remains and carbon black dust behind them, well, at least metaphorically speaking anyway.

Gladly, Horde of Anachron are less into doing blastbeat stuff, and more of building up their songs around a little bit complex things to keep things interesting and not so self-explanatory for them. They use quite a lot of thrash riffs and rhythms, a whirlwind of crunchy and heavy death metal riffs, sort of scattershot type of tempo changes that come somewhat unexpectedly, raspy shrieks of Wülfkorpse who is really able to remind me strongly of the days when Pete Helmkamp was spitting his blood and lungs out for both Order From Chaos and Angelcorpse – and in the end one just has to admit to herself/himself that this stuff actually just fuckin´ slays.

AEONS OF DAMNATION is truly one of the better albums from this whole blackened death/thrash metal genre that I have had the pleasure to hear lately. So long live their mercilessly Christ-nailing blasphemy!
Track Listing

01. Empire
02. Fixed to the Volatile
03. The Forged Sky
04. The Chamber Beneath the Bard
05. Dawn of Invincibility
06. Shores of the Long Forgotten
07. Celestial Demise of the Impure
08. In the Path of the Tyrant
09. Insane for Blood
10. Funeral Winds


Wülfkorpse - Archimage of Abhorrent Scrolls
Necrodonis - Iconoclast of the Senary Abyss
Zxu´l - Specicidal Shock Waves
Cimeries - Malicious Fret Detonations
Tophet - Skin Slaughtering Slavery

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