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Hidden In The Basement
Behind The Shadow
August 2017
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Manos X

Hidden in the Basement is a band coming from Greece. Created back in 2007 they released a demo in 2010 titled “Hope for a new day” with their 1st album “Ego” arriving later in 2012.

Their style is southern/stoner metal but surprisingly Hidden in the Basement have plenty of surprises up their sleeve.

Besides following the classic route of recycling same old early Black Sabbath meets Kyuss style that majority of bands serving this genre do, they dare introducing lots of proggy elements in their sound. Plenty of acoustic moments seamlessly change to impressive heavy riffs bursting with originality. But what really sets them apart from others are their songwriting skills. These guys really know how to create an interesting song with plenty of changes and dynamics. Just listen to “One way road” and you’ll understand what I am talking about here.

Black Sabbath meets Deep Purple meets Pantera (on their slower moments) without shamelessly copying any of the above, Hidden in the Basement is really one talented band.

Guitar and vocals are the driving force of their sound along with groovy bass lines. I’d love to see some variation regarding the drum fills and tempo changes. If they could move beyond the accursed mid-tempo plaguing the genre I think it would definitely increase the intensity of their music. Keep in mind that I ain’t talking thrash or power metal here but when they tried that on “Crown of shame” result was kick ass.

Fellipe Zoukas also gives a solid performance in the vocal department. With plenty of aggression to spare but also capable of singing melodically and soulfully he manages to give that extra boost needed to bring Hidden in the Basement’s music a step forward.

Production/mixing sounds organic and natural without being ultra crisp or compressed. All instruments have plenty of room to breathe while the voice is placed in dead center.

Hidden in the Basement have created an album that will definitely turn lots of heads here. Vitally important is the fact of being able to deliver their music live. I got lucky seeing them perform in Horns up festival couple of months ago and was blown away by their dominating stage presence. Heaviness mixed with precision along with plenty of funny moments made for a memorable performance that will hardly be forgotten.

Having one foot rooted in heavy metal and the other one firmly set in the prog/rock genre these guys deliver music that sounds friendly and uncompromising at the same time.

Check out “Behind the Shadow” and you won’t be disappointed, don’t miss your chance of seeing them perform and you can thank me later
Track Listing

1. Dry Well
2. Perfect Man
3. One Way Road
4. Crown of Shame
5. Till I Close My Eyes
6. A Shelter
7. Hope Remains


Felippe Zoukas Vocals, Bass
Thanos Dimkos Drums
Thanos Vovouras Guitar
Kostas Tsiavalias Guitar



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