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True Merican Metal
February 2016
Released: Jan , Independant
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

You don't get many True metal bands in the UK any more which is a shame seeing as it spawned Judas Priest and Iron Maiden amongst others. Opening the CD case I am intrigued by the title "True Mercian Metal" and wonder what makes HIDDEN different. If it was the olden days of knights and battles these four guys would reside in the kingdom of Mercia, nowadays called Tamworth. Looking at their Facebook they are pictured in front of Tamworth castle.

The four track EP starts with False Ones Must Die. Influenced possibly by Manowar the song compares heavy metal to a religion using terms such as blasphemers, fullfilling fate and killing the false people. Something we can all relate to. Like Iron Maiden did on their first album, HIDDEN also have a song named after the band. This is a relentless, furious tirade and about true to oneself and of course banging the head on the floor of a false person. The surprise is the mid-section breakdown with excellent

rhythm and drums before building up to a speedy guitar solo. Before you know it the song is over.

Clash of Steel, the next tracks starts with a Steve Harris style bass intro before kicking into a classic Iron Maiden style rhythm and

I notice this is a band where every instrument is, erm, instrumental in making up the True Mercian Metal sound. Where other retro style

acts such as Cauldron keep things very simple and basic, Clash Of Steel, a song about Romans, has many time changes and drum beats

to keep the songs interesting. The vocals are very melancholic, bemoaning the life of a Roman Centurian, who sounds like a veteran of

many battles. Apologies for the Iron Maiden comparisons but this would be HIDDEN's version of Hallowed be thy Name.

Last track is called Timeless Death and is back to a similar theme to the first two tracks. With a Pantera style intro, this is the

heaviest, angriest track, which seems to be about revenge. The songs goes all mid tempo before Mick Bastard shouts "I won't stop until

the false ones are dead" and the solo starts. Each guitar swapping solos, all KK Downing / Glen Tipton style.

A nice touch is the sound effects at the start and end of the EP. Sounds like the end of a battle with fire burning. The energy and enthusiasm contained within this recording is impressive and conveys the band's love of True Metal.
Track Listing



Ade the Blade - drums
Mick Bastard - vocals / guitar
Gaz Diesel - guitar
Jase Alcock - bass / vocals

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