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Blind Ride
August 2011
Released: 2011, King
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Way back in 1998 EvilG reviewed METAL HEART the independent, debut EP by Brazil’s Hibria. He said the band was one to watch. In just over a decade the band has leaped up in the ranks of the South American Power Metal scene to become one of the top dozen bands. Their debut DEFYING THE RULES from 2005 is considered by some, myself included, to be one the better Power Metal debut albums in recent memory. BLIND RIDE is actually the third full-length for these guys after a slightly less-inpsired sophomore effort THE SKULL COLLECTOR from 2008. The title BLIND RIDE doesn’t really match the album cover…a picture of a burning rollercoaster? Does it mean you can’t see where the ride is going to end? It doesn’t make sense. The title and artwork are bit dull and uninspired.

The first two albums were more of a pure Power Metal sound and on BLIND RIDE, the band have gotten darker, slower and heavier, dropping more into a traditional Metal zone. It’s still a good style and sound but it certainly was not what I was expecting. Excellent performances and production are a couple of the obvious highlights of these songs and despite yet more lineup changes the writing core has remained stable and the songs are showing some evolution.

My main disappointment is the vocals of Iuri Sanson. He has changed his sound and delivery. His voice is darker and heavier and far more gruff. He doesn’t nearly have the range and power he was demonstrating on the first pair of records. He has a world-class voice and it caught the attention of the Metal world as one of the new hopes but this change in delivery and style is a miss-step. The band has thankfully kept the speed up and the whole thing races along but the songs in an attempt to be ‘heavier’ have lost some of the dynamics and vibrancy. It’s fast with tons of raging guitar, good drumming, especially Balso’s frequent use of the bell on the ride cymbal.

I’ve had this album for quite some time and listened to it many times to try to get past my initial feelings of disappointment but I can’t shake it, the band on BLIND RIDE have gone from a superb example of what modern Power Metal can be to merely average. My rating reflects more my personal feelings than any actual problem with the record. It’s as good as any darker styled Metal record but lacks the magic of the debut, it’s as if Hibria now have their own version of THE DARK RIDE. I hope they can recover.
Track Listing

1. Blind Ride
2. Nonconforming Minds
3. Welcome To The Horror Show
4. Shoot Me Down
5. Blinded By Faith
6. The Shelter's On Fire
7. Beyond Regrets Of The Past
8. I Feel No Bliss
9. Sight Of Blindness
10. Tough Is The Way
11. Rotten Souls


Iuri Sanson-Vocals
Abel Camargo-Guitar
Diego Kasper-Guitar
Benhur Lima -Bass
Eduardo Baldo-Drums

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