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Wrath Of The Reaper
December 2017
Released: Sept, High Roller Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

San Fran fucking Cisco Bay Area. Yep, we have all heard of it have we not? Really? You're shitting me aren't you? Birthplace of bands such as Metallica, Exodus, Possessed, Death Angel and Vio-lence to name just a few, am I ringing any bells here folks and folkettes? Good because it saves me having to explain a lot to you all.

How do Hexx fit into this scene, when most of the aforementioned bands seem to be of the Thrash Metal ilk (apart from Possessed of course God bless their deathly hides). Well they have been around for ages for starters, 1983 to be precise was the year of their formation, and they have thus far released a total of four full length albums, and a slew of other stuff like EP's and Demos over the years. This is their first full length since 1991.

So how does it stack up? Well for a long time between a full drink as they say, this is not too bad. Power Metal is more of their style, so as to the question of how they fit in, they ain't exactly a Thrash Band. it's a very punchy album for sure, but I cannot get past the fact that it does sound a little like another product of the San Fran fucking Cisco area.

Of Whom do I speak, well it's not a band from the actual Bay Area but the same locality anyway, and it involves a certain Church made of Metal. The vocal styling's of lead screamer Eddy Vega border on sounding extremely alike with that of our not to be named directly reference, and the rest of the band, although superb create a sound that rings a lot of bells (pardon the pun).

Anyway, that should not detract from your enjoyment if you are in to the whole Power Metal thing. Technically this is quite a solid release. Both Dan Watson and Bob Wright on the old six strings have some razor sharp riffs going on, and the bottom line and beat provided by Mike Horn and John Shafer respectively ties it all together with laser sharp precision.

Standouts would have to be 'Swimming The Witch', a mid paced number that chugs along quite nicely and has some lovely lead work on display, 'Screaming Sacrifice' which has an almost Judas Priest feel about it, we all love the Priest and finally 'Wrath Of The Reaper', the title track is an absolute belter.

A lot to like here, you may hear various influences but they all stem from the type of classic Metal that we all can admire. Very solid indeed, a rather good return to the scene for Hexx, now go have a listen I say!

Review by Andrew Cook
Track Listing

1. Macabre Procession Of Specters
2. Screaming Sacrifice
3. Slave In Hell
4. Swimming The Witch
5. Dark Void Of Evil
6. Unraveled
7. Voices
8. Exhumed For The Reaping
9. Circle The Drain
10. Wrath Of The Reaper
11. Certificate Of Death (CD bonus track)


Eddy Vega - Vocals
Dan Watson - Lead Guitars
Bob Wright - Guitars
Mike Horn - Bass
John Shafer - Drums

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