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Winter Songs
December 2009
Released: 2009, Metal God Entertainment
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

So Rob Halford loves Jeebus...who knew?! I mean, he is the METAL GOD, he fronts a band called Judas Priest, and his sexual orientation is one which MANY Xtians frown upon. So forgive me if I think this is all just somewhat retarded. I didn't want to rant about this as I do love Rob Halford and his work with the mighty Priest, the Halford solo music, and Fight. However, WINTER SONGS is not something that will appeal to all of his fans. When I first heard this was an Xmas album and it was gonna be called “winter songs” I thought – good stuff, I don't want to hear an album title like “Sweet Baby Jesus Approved Xmas Songs”. Then I heard the first song “We Three Kings” and thought well it's a fairy tale of a song that's at least saved by the metalization of the music, the double kicks, and the shredding. Good stuff, easily the best Xmas cover on the album. However with a huge wealth of secular Xmas songs to choose from, in terms of covers, we are subjected to just songs about Jeebus...what the fuck? I don't listen to Xtian metal or other songs that tell me fairy tales about Jeebus, so why would I want to hear this at Xmas? Jeebus and Xtianity isn't getting a free pass any time of the year in my world. The reason for the season is not Jeebus, regardless of what the Xtians would have you believe. So with that in mind why are there no secular Xmas songs covered..the answer is clear, Rob loves Jeebus....and again, who knew? Color me disappointed in this album, the song selection, and the message. I expect more from my metal heroes. Keep Christ OUT of Xmas, and out of metal. Amen.
Track Listing

1. Get into the Spirit
2. We Three Kings
3. Oh Come O Come Emanuel
4. Winter Song
5. What Child Is This?
6. Christmas for Everyone
7. I Don't Care
8. Light of the World
9. O Holy Night
10. Oh Come All Ye Faithful


Rob Halford - Vocals
Metal Mike Chlasciak - Guitars
Roy Z. - Guitars
Mike Davis - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums

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