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A Game You Cannot Win
November 2017
Released: 2017, Dissonance
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Heretic is one of those metal bands that started out in the ‘80s L.A. metal scene. It was apparent back then they were quickly becoming a force in the scene blistering the senses of all who they played for. This led to them being signed to Metal Blade Records which allowed them to release an EP and shortly after their debut full-length.

It wasn’t too long after releasing their debut that then singer Mike Howe left the band to join Metal Church. Korean and then bassist Dennis Ohara decided not to take Heretic any further and joined up with former Metal Church vocalist David Wayne to form Reverend. After reforming some 20 years later, they were able to release through Metal Blade, "A Time Of Crisis" in 2012 with much acclaim in the metal community. Now is the time for “A Game You Cannot Win”. Yes it has been 5 years since the last release. And the wait has been well worth it.

Heretic comes at you with an old-school in your face metal vibe reminiscent of days gone by. Even with their sound that some may say sounds dated, it is in itself almost a refreshing listen. The power/thrash metal is just as hard rocking as ever. It is something that some newer acts try to do but just can’t seem to pull off. Heretic pulls it off like it is actually 1985.

Depending on your favorite genres, A GAME YOU CANNOT WIN may or may not be your cup of tea at the end of the day. It is one that I keep listening to lately. Fans of Meliah Rage, Laaz Rockit, and Metal Church will enjoy this. So will fans of just plain, good ‘ole ass-kickin’ metal.
Track Listing

Brian Korban - Guitars
Julian Mendez - Vocals
Angelo Espino - Bass
Ignazio Iggy Coppola - Drums
Stuart Fujinami – Guitars


1. Intro
2. This World Called Hell
3. A Game You Cannot Win
4. Demonized
5. Broken Hero
6. Never Added Up
7. Relentless
8. Before the Fall
9. Master at Her Game
10. Immaculate Deception
11. Annihilate
12. Everything's About to Change



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