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Misanthropic Slaughter
February 2011
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Hemoptysis is a talented four piece extreme metal band from Tempe, Arizona with one prior self released five song EP under their collective belts (Who Needs A Sheperd?).

For this, their debut full length release; Hemoptysis has laid down the gauntlet with the excellent eleven song MISANTHROPIC SLAUGHTER. All of the pieces of the puzzle that make an album great are in tow... great recording, great performance, superb production and of course killer songs. Describing the sound of Hemoptysis can at times be difficult, as these guys have culled influences from several facets of extreme metal. The vocals fall somewhere between modern era Mille Petrozza and the scratchier qualities of Scandinavian black metal. The riffs on display however are on par with modern thrash with some subtle death and black genre reference points in the form of blast beats or tremolo picked palm muted sections, but never overtly one or the other.

The band's drummer Travis Thune delivers another stellar performance just as he did on the band's previous EP. Stop on a dime tight and able to hang at the deep end of the pool in terms of speed and precision. Vocalist and lead and rhythm guitarist Masaki Murashita further defines himself as the figurehead of the band with a vastly improved vocal performance this time around, singing with all of the conviction his anti-religous schpiel requires of him. As a guitar player, his lead work and tone is incredible and I have no doubt he has a bright future yet ahead of him in extreme metal circles.

Standout tracks include the infectious title track "Misanthropic Slaughter" the rifftastic "Impending Doom" and the punishing thrasher "The Cycle". Mark my words, this band is going places.
Track Listing

1. Misanthropic Slaughter
2. Hopeless
3. M.O.D.
4. Impending Doom
5. And The World Dies
6. Interlude
7. The Cycle
8. Blood Storm
9. Shadow of Death
10. Hadephobia
11. End of Sorrow


Masaki Murashita - Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Ryan Miller - Lead Guitar, Electric Sitar
Sunao Arai - Bass
Travis Thune - Drums

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