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Glory Of Chaos
February 2011
Released: 2010, AFM
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Man, who pissed in Helstar’s breakfast cereal this time? The band sounds angry! Helstar are experiencing a bit of a resurgence and have settled nicely onto a supportive label and are on a (steam)roll. On GLORY OF CHAOS the band has often crossed the line from trad/power metal into thrash. This album is heavy and fast! This is likely their heaviest album. I know many bands and press people make that statement over and over until it loses it’s meaning, but trust me, the band have never sounded so vicious. Helstar knew they had to up their game to compete into today’s heavier Metal market and they have delivered.

Just looking at the song titles you know you are in for thrashing. ‘Anger’, ‘Deathtrap’, Summer Of Hate’, Bone Crusher’, the list goes on these guys are pissed off and it shows. After a very brief ominous intro for the first 30 seconds of the opening cut ‘Angels Fall To Hell’ the band rips the throttle wide-open and never look back. Greats riffs, great solos, the guitars of Trevino and Barragan are all over the map.

James Rivera delivers on of the vocal performances of his career. He uses his full range and power to really expressed the furious anger in these songs. His vocal melody on songs like ‘Pandemonium’ really shine through, very catchy. The band is tight and roars through 10 cuts in 45 minutes. It’s pretty relentless. The production is good, the nice guitar tone is heavy and sits nicely in the middle of the mix. The band looks good, sounds good and is firing on all cylinders. GLORY OF CHAOS is a sick, dirty and mean album and you are gonna love it.
Track Listing

1. Angels Fall To Hell
2. Pandemonium
3. Monarch Of Bloodshed
4. Bone Crusher
5. Summer Of Hate
6. Dethtrap
7. Anger
8. Trinity Of Heresy
9. Alma Negra
10. Zero One


James Rivera- Vocals
Larry Barragan - Guitars
Robert Trevino - Guitars
Jerry Abarca - Bass
Michael Lewis - Drums

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